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What commercial applications are their for biotechnology and genetic engineering?

How many do you know of?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Medical Uses:

    •Cell and Tissues (Article 1.1)

    •Stem Cells (Article 1.2)

    •Gene Therapy (Article 1.3)

    •Orphan Drug and Rare Diseases (Article 1.4)

    •Proteomics (Article 1.5)

    •Pharmacogenetics (Article 1.6)

    •Diagnostics (Article 1.7)

    •Genetic Testing (Article 1.8)

    •Proteomics (Article 1.9)

    Forensic Uses

    •DNA Fingerprinting {Article 2.1)

    •DNA Profiling {Article 2.2)

    •DNA Typing {Article 2.3)

    •DNA Testing {Article 2.4)

    Industrial Uses

    •Using bacteria to remove by-products {Article 3.1)

    •Pharmaceuticals {Article 3.2)

    •Foods {Article 3.3)

    •Animal Feed {Article 3.4)

    •Bioethanol (Article 3.5)

    Environmental/Agricultural Uses:

    •Plant Tissue Culture (Article 4.1)

    •Plant Genetic Engineering (Article 4.2)

    •Plant Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding (Article 4.3)

    •Animal Husbandry (Article 4.4)

    Ignore teh Aticles, i used this for my biotechnology project

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  • 1 decade ago

    massive production of insulin

    transgenic crops

    genetic therapy

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    altered crops

    cup holder

    bacteria that can be changed from harmful to good

    thats all i got

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