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Chlorine Dioxide in dental products?

I was at the drugstore and I came across this toothpaste and mouthwash called CloSysII.

Apparently one of it's ingredients is chlorine dioxide to help fight bad breath.

Has anyone ever heard of this? Does it work?

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    There is new stuff on the market everyday, some is good, some isn't. Some may even be damaging to your teeth if used incorrectly. Always look for the ADA stamp of approval. If it's not there, call your dentist office and see what they say about it before you use it or buy it. Just the name alone suggest chlorine in it, pretty harsh to fight bad breath. I would stick to listerine if I were you. Good luck!

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    No never hear of it . But i know if you have bad breath it does not come form your teeth it come's form down under . Tummy

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