Why, does everyone hate the confederate flag?

the confederate flag never stood for slavery. it was invented because the armys in the civil war couldnt tell who was fighting who?

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    No, my Dear One, the Confederate flag you're speaking of is the Battle Flag. It was the one taken into war and the one theUnion Army most often saw. The Govermental Flag was that of the "Stars and Bars"and was not as well known outside of the South.

    Unfortunately for the Battle Flag, it's been used to stand for not only the South but for the KKK, the white power movement and a great deal of negativity now surrounds it.

    I'm from Wisconsin and have almost always been, as my Georgian uncle says a "dyed in the wool Southerner" which appalls my mother. (blush) It must be from a past life. I also do Civil War reenactment and have done extensive research in the domestic areas of the War.

    It's the same for the Nazi banner. It stands for what the War did to it, like it or not. And I do NOT like to see the Battle Flag flown next to that damned swastika I can tell you that much.

    Hate is a horrible thing. It poisons the soul of those who use it and those that spread it. Lets all try and stop it, shall we? Blessings.

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    I love the confederate flag. I wear my rebel hat when I go out, and I'm a firm believer in the South. However, to wave the Confederate flag some people might get mad for some reason and dishonor it. There are some people who believe that the war is over(technically it is) and that we should just get over it, but I don't see the Confederate flag as anything to be ashamed of. It's our history, that we should preserve. It has nothing to do with black people. Nothing at all. Slavery was not the main issue of the Civil War, and for them to suggest it is is insane.

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    Very few people even know what the Confederate Flag looks like... the Stars and Bars was not The Confederate Flag. It was a battle banner which many a brave man followed into battle. It is wrong that it has been so degraded that it is now concidered a symbel of hate... The Confederate Flag was The Bonnie Blue Flag the bore a single star.

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    My problem is not so much the flag as much as the canned answer I always hear from the people who choose to display it. " it is heritage not hate" . I find that answer completely void of any substance or meaning. It is a well known fact that the war was fought more over a states rights to be sovereign and free from any central governments tyranny.

    When you look at the economy of the time era, the southern states economy was largely dependent upon very cheap or FREE labor to support it's so called "heritage and charms".

    The war may not have been fought over slavery directly, but slavery was as much a part of the south as it's crops of cotton, tobacco and what ever else the plantations grew which fueled their economic system.

    So please spare me the drivel about heritage and legacy because the entire economic engine was fueled by agriculture which in turn was fueled by free labor. SO.... go ahead and fly your flag, just at least have the honesty to face what that flag really meant and quit hiding behind condescending dogma.

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    Not everyone hates the Confederate Flag. Although it never stood for slavery...the confederate states that tried to form their own government ...to ensure slavery and their way of life...fought under the confederate flag ..so therefore the flag is associated to/with slavery and/or indentured servitude. There are gross misunderstandings and basic ignorance when it comes to people's attitudes with/toward/ and about the flag. It was/is and always will be about heritage..not hate.

    As a footnote...there were many slaves/indentured servants....from many different orgins...Irish/African/Spanish/Scotish/English.....to name a few...and most were NOT mistreated. Many signed agreements for houses and plots of land and agreed to work for the plantation owners in exchange for those things. Of course, the plantation owner got a little more out of the deal...but the workers benefit ted as well...It was not all whips & abuse..most were educated in schools provided by the plantation owners and had their own churches. I'm not saying that there weren't ugly, abusive people back then, but if you study history...more often than not the plantation owners were fairand gentel who valued their "property" whether it was their "slaves" or their homes....You generally wouldn't "break" your most valueable possesions.

    People don't always fly the confederate flag for the right reasons...but before you judge everyone that does fly it...delve into it's history...Heritage..not hate.

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    Everyone doesn't hate the confederate flag. There are many white southerners who fly it in their front yards - and they have the right to do that.

    And- the confederate flag may not stand for slavery alone - but the civil war was about many things. The south's strength and ability to prosper was based mostly on FREE LABOR - aka slavery. Oh - yes- people did have to BUY the slaves - but what they paid was nothing close to what it would have cost them to pay somebody a lifetime of wages.

    The thought that people were bought and sold and treated so horribly absolutely sickens me. And because the confederate flag is associated with a large group of people who were practicing slavery - it sickens me as well.

    All flags are made to identify the country or group for which they represent. However - flags DO stand for things. People will tell you that the American Flag stands for freedom, and the gay flag stand for pride in being homosexual, and the African flag of Red, Black and Green stands for the blood, the people and the land. So - it makes sense that many people believe that the confederate flag stands for slavery. And therefor, lots of people (like me) don't want to look at it. Also - in my opinion - the confederate flag stands for ignorance.

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    1. wasn't the civil war. a civil war occurs in countries. the confederacy and the colonies were not one country at the time

    2. the biggest problem is like the swastika, it's been hijacked by losers (no pun intended). I have no problem with the flag, however if i see it on a truck with a white man sitting at the front wheel, i will think certain things and avoid the truck. with that said, I've seen the flag waving above black owned homes. so, it really can be a symbol of the south, if people let it.

  • Danny
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    The Confederate flag DOES NOT represent slavery,racism,or oppression!

    It's sad that @ssholes like the KKK and Aryan skinhead punks use this symbol of Southern pride as their banner.Because of them I catch all kinds of sh1t when I wear a shirt or jacket displaying this emblem of my heritage!

    And for those of you who are uninformed.....the war of northern aggression was NOT about slavery! It was about economics! Read a book!

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    The Confederate flag stood for slavery just as much as the American flag stood for slavery. The stoopid ignorant people (...and you know who you are...) say that it is racist because they take it personaly.

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    I have no problem with the Confederate Flag. there were many brave men who fought and died for the Confederate Flag and for the Country it represented. when a person does what they believe in their heart is the right thing to do they can not be totally wrong.

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