I need help of Environmental Jobs?

Is environmental jobs are enjoyable, high paying, and good benefits? What degree should i take (Environmental Science, Engineer, or Technology). Pls help. I need to plan my career. Thank you!

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    I am an entry-level staff scientist for an environmental firm.

    There are plenty of jobs out there for those interested in the environment. Particularly in your "blue" states which typically have stricter environmental regulations.

    I would recommend an environmental engineering program; they are more scientific intense, and a basic background in engineering provides you with a more technical basis of understanding. If possible, get your OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER training, as this will make you more appealing to employers.

    For pay, you should expect to make $30-35K right out of school. If you get a masters or PhD, or a professional engineering license, you get larger raises and are more appealing to employers than just with a bachelors. Also, most environmental firms are on the smaller side, so there is opportunity once you have experience to start your own business.

    The great part about the industry is you spend a lot of time outside or traveling, and at the end of the day your work helps make society a little better.

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