I need help of Environmental Jobs?

Is environmental jobs are enjoyable, high paying, and good benefits? What degree should i take (Environmental Science, Engineer, or Technology). Pls help. I need to plan my career. Thank you!

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    Employment in the Environmental field can be very enjoyable and pay well. There are numerous directions you can go, but it will be up to you to begin the process. Major areas of environmental employment today include reclaiming old industrial sites, preserving natural areas, planning development, and working with people to safeguard human health. Education can begin with any of the sciences, such as biology, chemistry or geology or you could focus on engineering. Your choice of education should be based on what you enjoy doing, not what will bring you the most secure income. I began college taking industrial engineering courses and finished with a degree in Geology. Since then I have been a land surveyor, building inspector, laboratory director, industrial hygienist, adult educator and director of environmental services for a housing agency. Throughout the entire process, I continued to add to my education and took on additional responsibilities with my employer without any second thoughts. I intended to study “rocks” and right now work on human health and housing. Don’t depend on school counselors to give you direction, in my experience their most common refrain was “what do you want to do?” I suspect if you knew, you wouldn’t need them. On last thought, pick a topic you are interested in today and do an internet search to see what comes up. Pay attention to government and educational sites, not entertainment and you will see what people are doing today as well as what might be needed in the future.

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    Environmental jobs do pay well and there are usually jobs to be found in one market or another.

    There are a number of avenues to approach a career in the environmental industry, depending on your likes and expectations. I have worked as an environmental consultant for a long time, and have degrees in Geology and professional development in engineering and industrial hygiene. In my practice, I have dealt with people who have business backgrounds, biologists, botanists, engineers, geologists and even architects.

    Generally, the best jobs are available to people with Master's Degrees (in the sciences) and several years of experience. Bachelor degrees in Civil/Environmental/Chemical Engineering are also competitive. Employment can be in private industry, regulatory agencies or in academia.

    You can expect to be in the 'field' a lot at first, then move into project management, if that's your aim. In any event, good writing skills, interpersonal skills are as important as your technical expertise.

    Good luck in your career.

    Source(s): Personal Experience: 20 years as an environmental consultant
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