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I want to take a trip to australia for Mardi Graas, what is the best time to go, and how long?

Just need some help with dates... and where to stay etc in Sydney.

thank you so much

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  • uenuku
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    the mardi gras is a month long festival, from the 2nd feb till the 3rd of March. The Parade and party are on 3rd of march, but in the month leading up to it there are lots of cool events etc.

    go to for more info....

    staying in sydney at that time is usually more expensive with hotels cashing in on all the tourists etc. the 'gay' area of sydney is centred around Darlinghurst, East Sydney, Paddington, so they would be the best places to stay. they are also very close to the city itself, so if you don;t actually stay there, stay in the city and u will be close by... enjoy!

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    The school kids will be back to school in February, anytime after that is the good time to travel. Why Australia for Mardi Gras, why not Rio?

  • TonyB
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    Camping? LOL

    Good one SheltyK :-)

    Most of the 'action' happens around Oxford street so look for accommodation there. Book early.

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    Will you require accommodation or will you be camping?

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