Surprise 40th birthday party - ideas? Healthy budget?

I have 9 mos to put this together - domestic travel not a problem, but I am the least creative person in the world.....looking for ideas and checklists and locales.


MichaelKnight - I'm talking about a 2 or 3 day weekend affair w/ old friends/their families/etc.....My husband LOVES surprises and given that he has achieved things - turning 40 is not traumatic....just a great excuse to get people together

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    On my husband's 60th, I pulled off a surprise "murder mystery party". Murder mystery games are available on line, and while most have 8 roles, there are some that are 10-12 or more. If you are not familiar with this, the guests receive invites that set the background and assign their specific role. They are to "play" specific caracters who may or may not be the murderer. They come in costume, you serve dinner, and they try to figure out who-done-it. I flew my husband's son in from his Navy post (a special surprise) and brought in a favorite cousin from out of state. We laughed, ate and drank all night - I am quite sure by the end of the evening so much fun was being had that no one really cared "who-done-it". We invited some favorite neighbors and our closest family to participate. Very different and a very good memory. On another birthday (50th), I invited couples from different era's in my husband's life and sponsored a weekend in Laughlin, NV, also very good fun - took a yacht tour down the Colorado River, hosted tickets to a lounge show, and had an inexpensive dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Prior to hitting the road for the trip, I left him multiple notes telling him whee to go to get the next - the last of which he got at a pizza parlor where co-workers had taken him to lunch. The note was handed to him by a Mae West impersonator, who sang a birthday telegram, flaunted her clevage, and generally got him to turn beet red. After that, I spirited him away for the road trip to Laughlin. Another good time! Have fun! S

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    Your dad is one of the most special

    people in your life, so plan a special

    birthday celebration for him to show

    him how much he means to you. This

    can be a fun surprise party or a party

    away from home so that he gets to

    travel on his birthday. Plan whichever

    you think he would enjoy the most.


    Plan a surprise party for your dad on

    his birthday. This may be hard to pull

    off if you live in the house but will be so

    worth it. Take him out to lunch on his

    birthday, and while you are gone, have

    people arrive at his, or your, home and

    assemble for the surprise. Emphasize

    that people need to be on time so that

    the surprise is as big as possible. If you

    are worried he will see people on your

    ride home, then blindfold him and tell

    him you are taking him to a mystery


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    So you want a surprise Birthday party.

    This is what my wife did for her friend when she had a 40th Birthday coming up. Her ex husband works in the Fire Department.

    Sally had no idea what was going to happen on the night of her Birthday.

    A Fire truck with sirens pulls up to her house and Fireman knock on the door and ask where is the fire. Sally is in shock at this time saying there is nor Fire and the Fireman says yes there is, and other guys pull out the Boom box and start playting dance music. They strip off their unirforms and start dancing for her in the living room singing Happy Birthday Sally,\

    My wife brought in the cake and Sally face was just red. These guys were in shape and I tell ya they could of been Chip & Dales.

    It took alot of strings to pull that off and I had to pay her ex husband $200.00 to make it happen.

    That night was caught onn tape ans we still look back on the VCR and watch it and laugh.

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    I arranged a suprise 40th for my husband. We had it at home. I had it catered for, mainly just finger foods. I had a friend play guitar and sing, he was great. It was a perfect evening, really hot and everyone used the pool, clothed and not so well clothed. A great time was had by all and at not too much expense to me. The hardest part was keeping it a secret but l did and he got a lovely suprise. It's just my suggestion. Good luck

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    People generally don't LIKE being reminded of their 40th birthday. What is wrong with you? Do you find this amusing to have a 40th birthday party for someone? I think you are doing it as a way of getting the person's goat.

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    Surprise birthday about you give all the guests roll of toilet paper (or crepe paper if you want it to be colorful) and ask them to write their wishes and dreams on it, then fling it over your trees.

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