Whats the easiest way to put the cotton through the hole of the needle?

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    Couple of other suggestions:

    ...be sure and use the end of the thread that was on the *first* part of the thread (when it was still on the spool) rather than the other end when you thread a needle (...that could be backwards, but think that's right).

    The thread (or cotton, to you) is usually actually twisted strands, and one end will be splayed more than the other because of the direction of the twist (impossible to see without a magnifying glass though).

    And make your cut with a sharp pair of scissors so you don't fluff the ends inadvertently.

    These days I need a stronger light to thread than I used to, so the first thing I'll do is go to an area of better light if I'm having trouble.

    I'll also either pull the thread's end from my mouth to press down any hairs, etc.)

    The other thing that helps me (and I think others) is to try to put the eye of the needle around the thread, rather than trying to put the thread through the needle's eye. Maybe that's easier because of which hand is moving or something?

    For eyes which are *longer*, a great thing to use is a paper "threader"...this works especially well for yarn, but could be done with any strand of thread/cord if the eye of the needle is large enough.

    To make the helper, first fold a small piece of paper in half.

    Then make a cut parallel to the fold --no taller the height of the needle's eye.

    Cut that doubled strip fairly short, say less than an inch.

    Lastly, trim off one end of the doubled strip on the diagonal (that will allow it to get into the eye easily).

    Then lay your thread/yarn/whatever along the inside of the folded strip sticking out of only one end ... pressing the strip and thread together, thread the paper strip with thread inside through the eye of the needle, diagonal-trimmed point first.

    When they're on the other side, remove the paper helper.

    Diane B.

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    You're hand-sewing something? Sometimes people have a little bit of beeswax in their sewing kits. You rub the end of the thread against the wax and it stiffens and can go through the hole.

    Try rubbing a little of the thread against a cold candle if you have one around, not a lit one please :)

    Sorta related, but the wax is what makes waxed dental floss thick and stiff vs. unwaxed dental floss (that little word "waxed" is the key).

    The type of thread you have and the type of needle make a difference - some needles have larger eyes or holes, just as some threads are thick or thin.

    You will get the hang of it with practice, even if you only sew on a button once in a while!

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    alot of people lick the thread before threading it through.

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    with a needle threader

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