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pakistan .... us?

do you think pakistan is really helping the us seek out islamic fundamentalists or are they just pretending to play ball by giving up a few lower level soldiers and at the same time secretly helping al quada taliban?

are they playing games with the americans?

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    Pakistan should help USA why?

    Has USA ever helped Pakistan.

    USA duped Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 wars with India.

    USA preferred India over Pakistan for the nuclear deal.

    USA used Pakistan to expel the Russians out of Afghanistan in the 80's in the cold war era.

    USA stopped the supply of aid and other equipment to Pakistan on one pretext or another.

    USA increasings inter fares between the inner politics of Pakistan.

    USA was involved in the hnaging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto primeminister of Pakistan.

    USA was invlved in blowing up the air plane of Zia-ul-Haq.

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    Yes America is playing with the peace of globe, America was the first to flourish the concept of Taliban against Russia, with full economic and weapons aid. America never helped Pakistan according to its need, Pakistan is giving a very big cost in terms of country stability and security risk to masses, by obeying America as its ally. History proved that America is not a country to be trusted. They are always saying to do some more to sort out terrorism, on the other side America itself is promoting it. Today America is big threat to world as super power. Why not to throw away concept of all super power country form the world to achieve peace and stability.

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    Pakistan is not playing games with the USA, infact all the top level Al Qaeda members except for Usama himself were arrested with the help of pakistani police and military officials.... and anyways it is President Musharraf whose regime is the most endangered by these extremists not Bush....

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    I think Pakistan is not putting enough initaitive in curbing terrorism if not encouraging it. I'll give you an example - Why is it that all terrorist causing havoc in India are from Pakistan? Or Why is it that all of them have Pakistani arms? One more example Why is it that many of them have Pakistani passports? or Why do hundreds of terrorists caught every year by the Indian intelligence are funded both in terms of arms and money by the ISI - Pakistans intelligence?

    If Pakistan was doing enough to stop terrorism, then why is POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) [Kashmir was originally a part of India] still "blossoming" with terrorist camps?

    Coming to the US scenario, Recently it was on BBC and CNN that most of Al Quida members are now fleeing into Pakistan. I think Pakistan has enough armed forces to at least stop their border from being breached.

    Millions of dollars in terms of Arms and Weapons are being provided to Pakistan by the Western world. Then does Pakistan not have enough manpower to use them? Or are the weapons being stocked for another war (Four have already been waged) against India?

    The Country besides Pakistan is India. It surprises me that why has the world not supported India? Terrorists funded by Pakistan have killed thousands of innocent lives in India, attacked the Indian Parliament (December), Held Serial blasts in many places (Delhi, Mumbai), Blown up entire train coaches (Mumbai train serial blasts), hijacked aircrafts, attacked sacred Hindu temples(Gujrat, and the temple in Ayodhya) and what not.

    I think I agree with Skippy that we could better provide India with that support as it has already been proving itself. Also India has been much supportive in sharing intelligence reports on terrorism with the rest of the world.

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  • Anonymous
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    From what I've heard, we owe the Pakistanis a tremendous debt of gratitude for the work they've done so far. They aren't obligated to help us at all.

  • Anonymous
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    Of course they are playing games. Its too bad we keep on giving them money. We should give the indians money instead. Everytime the pakis do something stupid we give the indians a million dollars in guns to shoot pakis....sweet deal.

  • Anonymous
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    I don't think Pakistan is a very committed anti-terrorist country.

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    i think americans are playing

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