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how to make money with PLR articles?

anybody can explain in a simple way how articles can be used to make money? also, how can your own website bring income?

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    Writing online could defintely lead you to making real money. If you are planning to write on your own website, then your priority would have to be your web stats. Focus on your web traffic and learn to be a good web marketer.

    Here are a few tips to remember:

    Try submitting urls to different search engines.

    You could also do a little writing work and submit your articles on different sites, with of course a link back to your site. These articles should be about your site, which contains pieces of useful information to help readers. This will also build credibility on your part.

    It is also best if you could gain access to the site's stats for you to see the traffic development of your site.

    Also, here are a few tips from my articles, Ways On How Your Website Could Make Money (part 1 &2)

    1. Sites that contain traditional information

    This kind of site provides offline data, mostly information consumed in the 1980s. This information includes movies, videos, television, newspapers, magazines, weather reports, stock marketing data, etc. Putting up this kind of site is easy because you do not need to be creative here. However, this kind of site posts large investment because you have to collect and buy offline information as many as you could to keep it updated. Creating this site requires you to hire writers, photographers and editors. You should be able to update this kind of site everyday to maintain your customers.

    Revenues: Mostly on advertising, links to sites, and subscriptions.

    2. Sites that contain collaboratively created information

    Sites like this collects hard-to-find information. Usually the kind of information collected comes from the site’s readers’ though mail-in forms. Example of this kind of site is Consumer Reports Annual. This kind of information was collected from the site’s visitors and was published once a year. Another example of this one is the classified ads.

    This may be hard to do, but the Internet has provided ways to make information collection easy. Investment in this kind of site is low, a little lower than the amount of investment on the previous site But then again, in the long run, when you already have made some establishments in this site, the site itself could grow into popularity and you may only be spending little cash and effort on this one.

    Your expenses in this kind of site are on programming, data model, and content. But overall, as said before, once everything is up, the site expands by itself. Example of this one is Ebay.

    Revenues: The same as the previous site.

    3. Sites that contain a service via server-side program

    This kind of site may be described as the “expert” site, which may be consulted for help in a specific industry. What this site does is based on their customer’s budget and from there its services are done. A perfect example of this one is Hotmail.

    The purpose of such services on this site is to provide convenience for their clients. For example, people need your server to fill out income tax returns. You could get away with that by just passing the task to another site that caters to such services. It is more convenient that way because you no longer need to install programs plus the site you opted for service is a far better than yours.

    Revenues: Putting up this kind of site requires high investment and more effort. However, in return it accumulates high payoff from clients.

    4. Sites that caters to queries

    This kind of site gives visitors information based on what they requested. It serves as a directory and a search engine. A combination of both. For example, your site manages car dealers’ inventory. When a consumer would want to know about a specific car and its features, you could provide this information though your own site with a link back to the dealer’s site.

    Obviously, this kind of site requires the most effort and cost compared to the first three kinds. Setting up this kind of site requires right connections and proper business arrangements.

    Revenues: You will be earning big profit here because this is one of the most sought out sites. People tend to go online nowadays and they prefer to search things on the Internet.

    part 2:

    Affiliate Programs

    If you become an affiliate, you earn money by every buyer/visitor you send on your affiliated site. The site in return, will pay you a percentage for every accumulated number of visitors or buyers from your site to theirs. Sometimes, sites that run affiliate programs also give big commissions. Less effort for cash? Not bad.


    This may sound so good, and people would actually get into this kind of advertisement. However, most freebies are presented as pop-ups, which I personally do not prefer because it is too annoying. In addition, there are now tools, which blocks pop-ups to avoid further disturbance. But if you would still try your luck here, I suggest you prefer freebies ads that are place right on your site’s pages just to make less interruption for your visitors.


    These are the traditional ads and the very first ones to emerge on hobby sites. However, due to many latest revenue programs for websites, banners seem to have lost its charisma towards surfers. Actually, the click through-rate dropped from around 5% to less than .05% now.

    Google Adsense

    One of the latest ad programs that gives hobby sites an extra income to earn. The difference of Google Adsense to banners is that Google’s ads are relevant to the page visitors surf. Google Adsense gives website owners percentage of every ad page click.

    Search Box

    This is actually a tool where you could put into your site. There are several sites that give free search box installation. You could earn money here because there are some search engines sites that pay for every search made within your search box.

    You could actually use all of these income-generating programs/tools on your own site. However, do not expect to earn fast here. Like any moneymaking programs there is on the Internet, earning money takes some time. Also, there are some who tend to neglect their site’s contents and are carried away on making more revenues to their site. Do not be overwhelmed by the whole idea of online moneymaking. Balance everything. It is best if you could continue making your site’s content rich and updated. This is where you will get a lot of traffic. Traffic is the answer to revenue making. Keep those visitors coming not just for the ads but also for your site.

    Good luck!


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    one of the easiet ways to make money from plr articles is to create an ebook from them you can then either sell the ebook or give it away and use it to create a niche targetted mailing list , these lists can generate $1000's over a couple of years if you develop a good relationship with them.

    You can always get your own Plr articles written on the topics and keywords that you want from site like

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    Here is a site that has alot of information about working online and making money at home/online..This forum just started but it still had some great should check it out. This site helped me out alot. I just wanted to share it with you.

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    Get Paid From Surveys :

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