Causes and impacts of drought in the Huang He.

Causes and impacts of drought in the Huang He.

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    Heavy and prolonged rainfall.

    Large volume of discharge

    Melted snow water

    Great Relief


    Agrecultural activities


    Threatens our lives and properties.

    Causes dealths and injuries

    Agricultural products will be destroyed or killed

    Food supply will be seriously reduced

    Affects the supply of fesh water, the communication and transport system

    The fresh water will be affected

    Affects the hygienic condition of the affected city


    The soil becomes more fertile

    Fertile soil is good for farming

    The ancient civillizations started

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    yes, that is flooding but not drought. Pease be aware of this.

  • 1 decade ago

    YEAH !This is not drought but flooding.As if there is large volume rainfall,no drought can be found!

    Huang He u.c---Inland area

    Natural factors

    Human factors

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    This is not drought but flooding. The case in the Huang He Basin is drought, rite , but the answer was incorrect! Please make sure your notes are correct or else you would study wrongly for exam.

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