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* 請幫我把以下的故事翻譯成英文版!急用喔!謝謝!●ˇ● *










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    In a large beautiful house , a beautiful girl lives. It's a pity , her mother dies because of carelessness. Then her father finds her a new mother. This day, her stepmother brought one's own two daughters to here.

    Two tigers of big ox, here will be our new home afterwards! The stepmother has seen numbers, say to two daughters cheerfully.

    Mum, could you please don't call us old ox 2 tiger OK? It sounds as if more too a bit no fair maiden. Two daughters say together.

    You thought I wanted to shout in this way, but you keep so rough a moustache, do not let two tigers of your big ox shout and value highly small and beautiful small ?

    Mother, why will we come here? Two daughters of hers ask together.

    The stepmother says: Concrete reason I clear , seem it is decided at the higher level but not officially announced blood mother of leading lady that hang very much too, we will come here to help her to angle the tortoise son-in-law, will become the prince's bride! OK! The foreshadowing of the plot is finished, children, we leave!

    Mother and daughter three people run to knock at the door, after the door has been opened, a girl has jumped out excitedly: You stepmother three people group? ! I have waited for you for a long time! My surname is the dust, call the girl , the full name girl - dust . Certainly you can call me the Cinderella too!

    You are a Cinderella, I am your stepmother, the biggest reverse side role in this story, according to the story, here is for bullying, laughing at, insulting, oppressing, tormenting, oppressing, insulting, laughing at, bullying you that we come. Because only in this way, could promote the development of story, you see?

    I see, let's begin at once!

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    In an attractive big house, is being occupied by an attractive girl. What a pity, her mother not carefully died. Therefore her daddy has looked for new mother to her. This day, her stepmother led own two daughters to arrive here.

      〝the big cow two tigers, later here will be our new family! 〞 the stepmother looked guarded the door the trademark, said happily to two daughters.

      〝mother, asks you do not be called us the big cow two tigers to be good? Sounds not the virtuous young woman. 〞 two daughters said together.

      〝you thought I want such to call, but you keep that rough beard, isn't called you the big cow two tigers to be called small treasure young Li? But

    〞 〝mother, why do we have to come here? 〞 her two daughters ask together.

       The stepmother said that,〝concrete reason I not too clear, probably was decided but not yet announced leading lady's own mother has hung, we had to come here to assist her to fish the rich son-in-law, became the prince the bride! Good! The plot upholstery finished, the child, we walks! 〞

    the mother and daughter three people then run knock on a door, the gate has opened after, a girl jumped jubilantly: 〝you are the stepmother three human of groups?! I waited for you for a long time! I am surnamed the ash, is called the girl, entire famous girl - ash. Certainly you also may call me the Cinderella! 〞

    〝you are the Cinderella, I am your stepmother, is in this story the biggest reverse side role, according to the plot, we comes here is in order to bully, the ridicule, the insult, the oppression, suffers, the oppression, the insult, the ridicule, bullies you. Because only then like this, can impel the story development, you have understood? 〞

    〝had understood, we start immediately! 〞

    這是從網站上翻的......可能有些地方會不順= =

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