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I want to be an actress?

Do you think I will ever be able to be an actress even though I live in Ohio becuase no one will ever "discover" me there. I am only 10 so do you think I will be able to. I am good at acting.

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    Heck yeah, you can be an actress! Not everyone can be a huge Hollywood movie star, but plenty of people can act. If you don't worry about being famous, you can still act, which is very fun and very rewarding. And living in Ohio is great! You are very lucky to live in Ohio, because it's close to Chicago. Chicago is a great city for theatre, and by the time you are old enough to move out, it will be as good a city for film and television as Hollywood.

    You just need to remember a few things...

    1) You have to work really, really hard to be an actress. You have to have your lines memorized, you have to know when to come on & when to exit; if you are in a musical, you have to know the music and the dance moves.

    2) You have to be humble. Nobody likes a diva with a big ego and a bad attitude. You have to accept that before you get to act, you have to audition...and most of the time, you will not get chosen. It's awful at first, but you'll get used to it. It's just a fact of life when you are an actor or an actress. Not getting the role you auditioned for doesn't mean you're not a good actress. But you always have to be polite and just keep trying.

    3) You have to have a plan. It's impossible to just show up and get discovered; you should plan on having a day job to support yourself while you do theatre at night or movies on the weekend.

    And, if you like theatre, there are plenty of regional summer theatres in Ohio. Go see plays whenever you can, or, better yet, get involved! Many summer theatres do big musicals like "Beauty and the Beast" or "Annie," and they often need children to sing and dance, or even say some lines.

    So don't worry about getting "discovered." If you work hard enough, you can make it as an actress...once you are a professional actress, THEN work on getting famous.

    Best of luck to you! Break a leg...

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    If you try hARd enough. It is all about determination. I want to be an actress myself. I'm 15 years old and i live in fort smith,ar.(I'm not country by the I used to ask people do they think i can be an actress until i realize i shouldn't be asking them, the real person i should be questioning is myself. So you answer that one.Do you think you can become an actress, if the answer is yes than you can. You just have to go out there and get it. Good Luck

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    i believe that you are going to be an actress... you know why? cuz i'm a musician and i also know that someday i will become famous too and it doesn't matter where you are at or where you are from?... let me tell you something.. i am from El Salvador, it's a small country in Central America and i don't dream of becoming a huge star like coldplay or i don't know but i dream of becoming the best guitarist in my country and then... my dream would've became true... so, don't give up! we are free to do whatever we want... i learned this when i was living in L.A... but that's another story... good luck!

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    As long as you have studied acting for a few years and start to audition for local plays you may be able to be a "star" in your city. Don't aspire to be a Hollywood celebrity, aspire to be the best actor you can in Ohio.

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    You can do anything you put your mind to if you are determined ! Acting is a very competitive industry , you going to have to deal with alot of rejections , but it only takes one yes to make it in this industry , I mean if you have a good script and role ....good Luck Anything is possible!

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    You can be whatever you want to be. Just always remember that it will never come how you want, when you want, or easy.

    Be ready to work hard and as long as you are focused on that one goal, then you will always have a chance at doing that for a career.

    Good luck!

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    you can reach the sky .you can make moon home .you can be shining star and shine you can be anythings you want remember always be faith full.and follow your heart.

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