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What resources do you use, if any, to check out charities before giving money to them?

When you give money to a charity, do you check out how well they use your money to actually serve the charitable purpose that they state is the reason they exist? If so, what resource(s) do you use?

For example, I've used the following resources with varying success to find and rate a charity within the United States: (I like this one) (Requires free registration) (a Better Business Bureau site)

In the United States, charities that have over $25,000 of revenue are required to submit a Form 990 about how they have used money, etc. The GuideStar site seems to have these (and you can get the form without paying anything).

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I give to local groups I have worked with or know the volunteers in the organization, or I use to check out an organization I haven't heard of before...I give to groups like our local rescue mission or our local girls scout troop or our local habitat for humanity group...

    I don't like our local United Way (there's been a couple of scandals associated with their financial dealings), so I give directly to the groups I care about, so I'm sure they get all the money.

    Good question!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I guess i am just particular about the charities goals for the future. Such as cancer research and St. Judes or breast cancer research and such. I am also more giving to cause that have effected my family and friends more than those i have never heard of. Gosh that is really bad of me and i think i will try and find one new charity a year to give to. My ladies group at church got together and adopted an african refugee child last year and that was lots of fun and very interesting. My grandmother let a bad experience at church harden her heart to give, there was a scam, and now wont give anymore. I feel like that is so sad because if you are giving from your heart then that is what counts, not the worst result. It is nice to know where your money goes but they do call it giving for a reason. I wish sometimes we would concintrait on the USA more and the world less but that is completely selfish viewing as well. We can each make a difference by just recycling , giving to a good will store or giving to a church food pantry. I am glad you asked this question and got me thinking of good deeds. Thank you and keep it up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    good info

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