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Why do Jack Russell owners all look like the want to kill themselves?

Everytime I see someone walking a Jack Russell, the dog is barking incessantly and straining at the leash. The owner always has this look on their face like, "Why me lord?"

Why do people buy these coked up little spawns of Satan?

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    because jack russells are very hyper dogs and have lots of energy and they are very hard headed so they need a owner who is willing to take the time up with them and they need a very active owner who will take the time to play with them i know because i used to have two of them......but if you would get to know them better you would find out not all jack russells are like that because one of mine was hyper while the other one was calm and easy going.

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    I have seen many Jack Russell owners walking their pets and both owner and pet seem absolutely happy and normal tome.

    I have never seen jack russell barking incessantly. And if they are straining at the leash that is probably because they want to be free and have a run around like everybody else.

    Jack Russells are energetic little dogs and need lots of exercise.

  • KJ
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    Well, I adopted my "little coked up spawn of satan" almost a year ago and life with him is easy going these days.

    The most important thing about these dogs is that they NEED an out for their energy. (And training of course) Once that has been accomplished you have a tired dog. A tired dog doesn't pull on the lead, nor does he incessantly bark.

    I think the people you are seeing are probably the ones that don't know where to start with this kind of dog. A terrier (especially a Jack) is not an easy dog to train and many don't realize it before getting one. So the result is a terror of a dog.

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    Yah know my sighthound club tried a shock collar (after testing it on each other) on a "fouling" whippet who bothered the dogs he was running with - the dog, when shocked, blamed the dog he was pounding on & redoubled his efforts to pound the other dog into the ground...- bet coco will think the same of the cats Of course the #1 error was letting coco see the cats run.... If you can manover a cat into giving coco a good raking it might help... other than that put the CATS in the cage & coco out so she doesn't see them RUN and it gonna take MONTHS and he may never be entirely reliable

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    well for the person that actually takes time to train them they are good but without proper training forget it they are way to much for the average person to handle. My grandparents had a JR mixed and as a puppy he was adorable but as he got older he got snappy and barked all the time and chewed everything and would not listen. I know many have said the same about theirs yet I have heard stories from others that say they are a delight to have around if you take them to dog training (actually human training lol) classes.

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    Funny, I used to have a JRT and she was a wonderful dog. Well behaved and very sweet and loving. She never had any formal training and didn't need it. Sure she was hyper but not as hyper as many other breeds.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what a laugh..?

    Owners of these "sweet" little creatures have tried to kill them, only to be outwitted,

    so therefore they are ready to kill themselves...haha

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    I beg to differ because I own one and he is well behaved. OK OK we got him in some classes!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Because they think they are cute when they are little, and they do not realize what they are getting themselves into.

  • Anonymous
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