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Translation Question?

I'm looking for an aboriginal name for a native Australian bird. I was thinking of 'handsome' or even just 'bird'. I was also wondering if there is an Aboriginal God or protector of birds, as that would also make a strong name.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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    This might be helpful:


    Aboriginal Bird- and Place Names

    The words in these lists are from various sources, because of the different aboriginal dialects, spellings and pronunciation. In Australia there were many tribal languages and dialects, so that words differed from tribe to tribe. Explorers and early settlers recorded words as they heard them, spelling them in English according to their idea of the sound. Consequently spellings vary.

    Then too, European usage has altered spellings and changed pronunciations, so that is is not possible to give an authoritative guide to either spelling or pronunciation


    Adlinga Place for hunting

    Arramagong Wombats run into holes


    Balagorang Kangaroo feeding grounds

    Berrimilla Kingfisher

    Betcherrygah Budgeriagah

    Billinudgel Home of the King Parrot

    Bimbimbie Place of many birds

    Birdup Place of many birds

    Boogoodoogada Rain Bird

    Boggabri Hunting Place

    Boorongong Hunting grounds

    Bulla Bulla Butterfly

    Bullai bullai Green parrot

    Bunderra Black Wallaby

    Boroke Place of Frogs

    Bungobittah Many flying squirrels

    Buni A bird's nest

    Bun-yal Flies

    Bungawitta Home of the Possum

    Burbugate Many owls

    Burra Burra sheep

    Burrendah Place of the swan

    Burrendong Native koala bear


    Caltowie Sleepy lizard waterhole

    Canungra Place of owls

    Carrabulone Many white cockatoos

    Burlamatta Place of possums

    Carribie Many emus drink

    Connewarre Home of the swan

    Coobowie Wildfowl Waters

    Coomalong Plenty of possums

    Coombell Bunyip in water

    Coorigil Sign of bees

    Cumbalum Flathead caught here

    Curramulka Emu drinking place

    Currawidgen Place of possums

    Curriequinquin Butcher bird


    Durda Dog


    Eurie Eurie Many kangaroos


    Gaya-dari Platypus

    Gowi-nee-bu Robin redbreast

    Gulargambone Place of galah parrots

    Guyra Fishing place or cockatoo


    Illabunda Place of swallows


    Joalah Haunt of the lyrebird


    Kaneky Yellow Crested cockatoo

    Kangaloom Kangaroo feeding place

    Katandra Song of birds

    Keli Dog

    Keurong Home of the flying fox

    Kumalie Small Duck

    Kurrara Place frequented by possums

    Kurrookarrook Koala with young


    Laanecoorie Home of kangaroos

    Laanepyramul Home of emus

    Langi-dorn Bellbird nest

    Lowanyeri Place of grey geese


    Merrigang Playground of dingoes

    Millemurro Pelican

    Murana Willy wagtail


    Nangkita Place of little frogs

    Noamunga Fishing place


    Orara Home of the perch

    Orrapoora Magpie


    Pademelon Scrub wallaby

    Parraweena Place of parrots

    Biggie-billa Echidna

    Pipipa Sandpiper


    Tallagandra Many cows

    Tallawong Bell magpie

    Tandanya Home of the red kangaroo

    Tanunda Creek with water fowl

    Tarrawonga Mating place of pigeons

    Tempi Swamp duck

    Terrigal Place of little birds


    Ulamambri Possum country


    Wambangalang Many grey kangaroos

    Warialda Place of wild honey

    Warra-nunna Bee

    Weringerong Lyre bird

    Werunnunn Dog

    Woorawa Wedge-tailed eagle

    Wunbi Puppy


    Yarramalong Place of wild horses.

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