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XP Disk Cleanup question--Compressing old files?

Hi. I would like to free up some hard drive space. I have an 80GB drive and 9 GB remaining. When i run the Disk Cleanup utility it indicates that if i check the Compress old files option, approximately 5 GB will be freed up. The accompanying note says that "compresssing the files will save disk space while still enabling you to access them. No files will be deleted." My question to any knowledgeable person is, Any reason not to compress these random files? Is there a drawback? What if I do need them? What does XP actually do with compressed files? What really is an "old file?" Will it change them in any way? I would love to get the extra 5GB because I do a lot of audio editing and need as much free space as I can get. THank you very much for your advice. Much appreciated.

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    The only drawback is that they will have to be uncompressed to access them once again. If you don't mind waiting longer to get them, it's no big deal.

    I prefer speed, so I never compress files. If your maxing out your hard drive, your better off deleting files/programs that you really don't use, or getting a larger hard drive.

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    You won't gain enough by compressing the old files to make it worth the sacrifice of speed. It sounds like you need to add a second, possibly external hard drive, the same size or larger than you now have. Move all except the files you are currently working on, to the second drive. That would probably free at least 1/2 of the 80Gb drive.

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    The article below says that "old files" are 50 days old and they aren't changed except for having to be decompressed if you ever use them. From my experience, any compression schemes only result in a loss of speed. If you are into digital audio and have burned up the better part of an 80Gb drive already, an extra 5Gb gained from compressing your other files won't last long. I would recommend putting another drive in your computer or upgrading your existing drive to a larger one.

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    Click the Start Button

    Click on your "My Computer" icon

    Right-click on your C Drive

    Choose "Properties"

    Check "Compress disk to save hard drive space"

    Open Tools and defragment your computer

    That oughtta do it

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    you will never be conscious any difference. that's a equipment of assigning a quantity to oftentimes used words and removing some areas to make the report smaller. while it says "older data", that's precisely what it potential, that's data you do not use, or very seldom use.

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