Why are Jews banned from Congress and from owning media in the US?

Isnt this BLATANT anti-semitism?


OK so Lieberman is one jew allowed in Congress - but thats it- and the MEDIA BAN STILL STAYS!!!

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    Um, I'm not buying that you are Jewish because I'd think you'd know that they aren't banned from either Congress or owning the media. Last time I checked, Joe Lieberman was Jewish, and so was Rupert Murdoch.

    EDIT: Since you don't want to believe anyone, here is a list of all of the Jewish politicians, both past and present: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Americ...

    Also, here is a small list of the media moguls that are Jewish:

    MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN, owner of NY Daily News, US News & World Report

    LESLIE MOONVES, president of CBS television

    JONATHAN MILLER, chair and CEO of AOL division of AOL-Time-Warner

    NEIL SHAPIRO, president of NBC News

    DAVID WESTIN, president of ABC News

    SUMNER REDSTONE, CEO of Viacom, "world's biggest media giant"

    MICHAEL EISNER, major owner of Walt Disney


    HARVEY WEINSTEIN, CEO. Miramax Films.

    STEPHEN SPIELBERG, co-owner of Dreamworks

    JEFFREY KATZENBERG, co-owner of Dreamworks

    DAVID GEFFEN, co-owner of Dreamworks

    HOWARD STRINGER, chief of Sony Corp. of America

    BRIAN GRADEN, president of MTV entertainment

    IVAN SEIDENBERG, CEO of Verizon Communications

    WOLF BLITZER, host of CNN's Late Edition

    LARRY KING, host of Larry King Live

    TED KOPPEL, host of ABC's Nightline

    If you want the full list, go here: http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/Jews-In-The...

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    George Washington and Benjamin Franklin both warned of an inevitable Jewish control over America by the second half of the 20th century and that's what happened. To avoid that, they advocated the expulsion of all Jews from the United States of America.

    Till the early 1940s the Jews were greatly persecuted in America. Charlie Chaplin's films were greatly anti-Jewish. Many senators were great admirers of Hitler for his anti-Jewish policies.

    Jews were not allowed to have a high concentration in any firm. At first the maximum percentage was 10%; later to be reduced to 3%.

    However, after WWII, the Jews began to have great influence over America; especially the Messianic Jews. These people were very successful in many businesses; especially those that make money quickly and need no painstaking effort.

    Jews form a large proportion of congressmen and even some mayors (like Bloomberg of New York City) are Jewish. Again, amy media owners are Jews.

    As an ardent Muslim, I must say the truth: Jews are not bad for America. The real menace will be the rising percentage of the minorities in America (I mean the Blacks and Hispanics). Though many Jews are bad (like the son of Sam), they are generally better than the average American.

    However, Jewish businesses in America must be supervised by the authourities with great precaution. Industries like gambling, pornography and prostitution should be hardly dealt with.

    Other than that, Jews are free to live freely in America. Many Messianic Jews make protests against Zionism, and this is a good thing. Their Kosher restaurants are great...and they are very clean people and a great aid to Muslims when they are offended (for their nutrition and other rites) by the Christians without any cause save that today's Christians blindly followed Paul's rules and thus devastated the whole law that God decreed to Moses!

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    There are several people of Jewish faith serving both houses of congress. And media? Jews own plenty of media outlets.

    This question results from people speaking out and repeating what others have said, with out regard to learning the truth.

    To this day, there are still some people who insist that no Jews were killed in the 9/11 crashes, because all Jews were warned to stay away from Manhattan, that day. This story was, of course, blatently ridiculous, but that didn't stop people from repeating it for several years after.

    Check, at least, SOME sources before blurting out misinformation.

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    You must have been living in a cave or under a rock. The Jews own most of the US media, and they're definitely not baned from the congress.

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    They are not. I am pretty sure there have been many Jewish Congress members and many Jews are very successful business people and am sure they more than likely own media outlets too. You just need to look further. A simple Yahoo search will probably show you differently. Your claims are untrue.

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    Joseph Lieberman, Dianee Feinstein, Barbara Boxer are just 3 Senators that are Jewish. There are far more Jewish congresspeople than any other religion besided Christianity. This question is just BLATANT stupidity.

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    1 decade ago

    Banned eh? I bet Liebowitz would be astounded to know that he was banned from the Senate and House now. And we all know that Jews are not involved in the media at all, but I here that it is because it's against their religion.

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    Who do you think owned MGM - Metro Goldwyn & Meyer? make yourself more aware before asking questions. and if you are worried about jewishness in the world, don't be. the are very much like you and me. it's christian's fault they have all the money. long ago, money was considered dirty iconically speaking. the jewish were already money changers. he who controls the wealth of a nation, controls the direction it moves. i believe we would all be happier without the pursuit of it.

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    Hmm... Senator Joseph Lieberman is gonna be REALLY surprised when he finds out about this!

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    1 decade ago

    Are you all right? No one is banned from these things. America is the Land of the Free. Sort of.

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