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my stomach achs!?

ok im 11 weeks pregnant and my stomach achs in the morning, but no its not morning sickness...its a diffrent feeling its the top stomach...is it normal?...it kinda feels like if i was hungry and havent ate all day but i just finished eating,,,

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    I'm 16 weeks, and I have that all the time. I call it "pregnancy weirdness." Its that aweful pregancy feeling, like your hungry, but if you ate you might be sick? I had that more in the first trimester, but still have it when I haven't eaten in a while. It helped me to eat right when I woke up in the morning.

    Since I became pregnant, I feel like there is a balancing act. If I'm too hungry or too full, my stomach hurts. I need to have a little food in me all the time to keep it at bay. Hope this helps.

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    the insides of you are changing daily due to the daily growth of your baby. everything has to move upward or get squished inside. This is probably the reason as long as it is not painful... but do make sure as soon as you wake up that you eat something because if you don't, later on in the pregnancy you could get bad headaches that last the whole day and dizziness.

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    heartburn? your stomach is no longer in the same place, its been pushed up into your ribs, so what you think is your stomach might be your intestines. ask the dr.

    Source(s): babycenter.com is also a good resource.
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