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Should I get a mountain bike or bmx bike?

I will be movin into the city. Can a mountain bike ride regular like in a city type environment? I think I should get a bmx but theres also country that Id like to ride in. can you do that with a bmx? Does anyone have a site where they have a bunch ogf both?

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    A BMX is for doing tricks, not generally for riding around.

    A mountain bike can definitely take a city type environment. You just have to pay attention to the type of tires on the bike. Mountain bikes usually have thick treads that help grip the ground, but can sometimes make the ride a little bit too bumpy for the streets. Many of the lower end mountain bikes (good quality ones, not the ones you get at Walmart) have a tough enough frame for the mountains, but use cheaper parts more suitable for city usage.

    You might also want to check out hybrid bicycles that are basically mountain bikes fitted with tires that are more suitable for the streets.

    Some good quality brands that make mountain bikes are:

    Specialized -

    Giant -

    Trek -

    GT -

    Cannondale -

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    A mountain bike is your safest bet. BMX bikes are single speed, so if you plan on doing any sort of real trail riding its nice to have more than just that one gear. Most mountain bikes have gears, in fact, it is hard to find one that is singlespeed. Most singlespeed mountainbikes are customs or semi-customs.

    Hybrids were mentioned earlier... they would probably run you $500+, and I see that as a bit absurd. a good mountain bike would only run you around $250.

    Also mentioned was slick tires... I wouldnt go down that road. There have been a few guys come into the bike shop i work at changing their knobbies for some slicks and regretted it. Most stock tires are going to be unbearably knobby and will still give you a very smooth ride on concrete or whatever other surface.

    Unless you really, REALLY want to do tricks and the such, mountain bike is the way to go. The utility of mountain bikes is amazing, and you won't regret your decision.

    PS. if you decide on a mountain bike, get a hardtail. full suspensions only yield wasted money and energy.

    Source(s): I ride and wrench
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    It depends on what type of riding you want to do. If you want to go to skate parks and do stunts, a BMX is the right bike for the job. If your intention is just to ride around, a mountain bike will be more flexible, and some bikes can take some amount of abuse (not as much as a BMX though).

    Go to a bike shop and get a hardtail, which seems to be good for what you want to do.

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    Depending on what type of riding you want to do, if you want to do trail, off road biking get a mountain bike. If you want to do tricks and look cool and get noticed by people with your amazing tricks get a bmx.

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    Mountain BIke. BMX are too slow and just get in the way of other cyclists.

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    well depends, the BMX is used (mostly) for tricks and great for concrete/street enviroment, The mountain bike, well the name say's it all, is great for mountain trekking and off road. Hope I Helped

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    Get a Mtn bike with a pair of slick tires and you're done.

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    get a BMX simple, easy, reliable, and lots of fun but keep a eye out for your shins their certanly gunna get gashed badly

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    bmx i use mine 4 both its a haro f3 series

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