Who was the ruler of El Salvador in 1976? What was the counrty like?

Please help, with more than just the ruler's name.

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    Under the authoritarian rule of Lt. Col. Óscar Osorio (1950–56) and Lt. Col. José María Lemus (1956–60) considerable economic progress was made. Lemus was overthrown by a coup, and after a confused period, a junta composed of leaders of the National Conciliation party came to power in June 1961. The junta's candidate, Lt. Col. Julio Adalberto Rivera, was elected president in 1962. He was succeeded in 1967 by Col. Fidel Sánchez Hernández. Relations with Honduras deteriorated in the late 1960s. There was a border clash in 1967, and a four-day so-called Football war broke out in July 1969. The Salvadoran forces that had invaded Honduras were withdrawn, but not until 1992 was an agreement settling the border controversy with Honduras signed.

    In 1979, politician Ing. José Napoleón Duarte of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC, Partido Demócrata Cristiano in Spanish) joined a Revolutionary Government Junta in a coup against then recently elected Presidente Romero (with the Carter administration's tacit acceptance and encouragement). He became the head of state and also the leader of the Junta (Primera Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno) in 1980. He passed a land reform and redistribution law that forced all landowners (except the government - the largest landowner) to restrict their holdings to 200 manzanas (1 manzana ≈ 6,400 m²), anyone holding larger amounts were forced to sell, and the land was then redistributed under various programs. This land reform law almost single-handedly ruined the economy of El Salvador (primarily agrarian at the time), and heavily contributed to the fall of Mr. Duarte's government.

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