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ive been in a car accidnet and have been cited. How long until i go to court/how long will i lose my license?

i have been cited for acda (distance judement), and my court date has not been set yet.i have been fined 100$ for my citation and need to kno the minimum and maximum time i could lose my license

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    You probably won't lose your license for just ACDA. Infact, if you pay the fine, you probably won't even be suspended. It sounds to me like there is more to your story. If you didn't have insurance, you can kiss your license goodbye for 6 months to a year.

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    What state do you live in? I think in Maine at least, you don't lose your license for following too closely. You just pay a fine and get points.

    If there are other factors with the accident, like you didn't have insurance or you left the scene, there could be other penalties.


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    I doubt you will loose your license for that, and heck you may not have to go to court. Pay the fine and then wait and see what happens. I do not know where your from but it seems harsh if you have to pay a bigger fine and loose your license over that.

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