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which medicare supplement plan is best in california?

It's for my mother-in-law. She's 83 and just relocated from Pennsylvania to Cali.

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    The coverage is all the same regardless of company for policies that can be sold today.

    If she had a medicare supplement plan in PA, she can keep it (it cannot be cancelled by the insurance company) but her rates may change.

    Bankers Life is a fine company for this type of insurance, as are AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Physicans Mutual, and Blue Shield, to name a few. The comment about "not buying from a life company" is ignorant.

    California has great opportunities to purchase Medicare Advantage coverage. Look into Blue Shield, Kaiser, or Secure Horizons.

    Congratulations on your mother-in-law moving away.

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    I don't recommend a life company for a medigap policy... Too many of them abandon their plans. Go with a qualified HEALTH insurance comany like Blue Cross of California or Blue Shield. Both have great plans.

    *laughin at "ignorant"...obviously IF this individual is even IN the business they havent been in long enough to see companies drop market base, drop contracts, or even go out of business.... The actuarial components of health is completely different than life...thus many life companies who have started issuing contracts in the health industry drop out. Go with a company that is GOOD at, in the business of, and is committed to the client base on a permanent basis...

    Yeah...I'll go do my grocery shopping at CVS...they HAVE apples and lettuce.... *rolling eyes*..OH...and BTW...Bankers Life ratings SUCK...

    AM Best B++

    Standard and Poors BB+

    Moody's Baa3

    Fitch BBB+

    Comdex (percentile in Peer rating group) 58 (out of 100...that's an F in high school lingo)

    My errors and ommissions wouldnt even cover me if I sold this company.... I ONLY look at top rated companies...I want my clients claims PAID....

    Secure Horizons has limited coverage so be wary of what you are looking at there...if she is used to a full medigap policy there may be a surprise for you there...

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    Try Bankers Life if she is in fairly good health, they pay wonderfully. She wants a plan F medigap policy.

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