Will putting electrical tape on the end of a rifle barrel.....?

Will putting electrical tape (to protect from elements) on the end of a rifle barrel effect the projectile (shotgun,muzzelloader, normal rifle)? Or will the tape come off before the projectile even gets to that point due to the amount of force?

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    That is exactly the way we waterproof the muzzle end of our muzzleloaders. The tape is on the exterior of the muzzle so it is not an obstruction inside the bore. It will be forced off by the column of air pushed out in front of the projectile. If you notice, several pictures of Jim Shockey after successful hunts show a piece of black tape still attached to the muzzle of his rifle. This is because in colder temperatures, the tape becomes brittle enough to break instead of blowing the whole piece of tape off. The tape will not stick, however, if there is much gun oil on the muzzle.

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    Using tape on the end of your barrel to keep out the elements is a common practice. The tape will be blown off by the out rushing gasses when the gun is fired and will be gone before the bullet ever reaches the muzzle. It will have no effect on the accuracy of your rifle. Sometimes, the tape can come off when you are going through brush, etc. that brushes against the muzzle of your gun. An alternatibve is to buy some rubber finger cots from your local pharmacy and put them over your muzzle. They are like tiny condoms and will stay in place better than tape.

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    I personally would not stuff any thing in my barrel.

    I used a condom on the 16 when I was doing my hitch in the military.

    Condom versus tape, condom wins but yes any thing that comes in contact with the projectile, Can aversely affect accuracy, depending on the range of target.

    The theory that the compressed muzzle gases will blow it clear may or may not happen,

    Ask yourself one question, lets say you are in the woods and did it right and before you is a once in a lifetime B&C class buck would you wont to take the chance?

    My advise change you habits when the elements aren’t favorable.

    Point the muzzle down, even a shoulder strap allows this practice.

    But use lens caps for your scope in such elements also.

    That was a good question.

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    Don't put anything in your barrel ,only a warped mind would suggest that,however I have shot many Moose and Caribou with a piece of tape ,band aid end,masking tape something over the tip of whatever gun I possessed at the time.I learned it the hard way when me and the gun did a few face plants in the mud or even snow. GOOD QUESTION

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    I would think that at least 1 end of the tape would come off, and if it were a shotgun it wouldn't matter but a rifle, I would not want to be in a match with it

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    Actually during war soldiers used condoms on end of barrel to keep elements out. so at least that is possibly better idea.

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    Oh Crap! do not stuff anything down your barrel. Tape is fine. Jeez I am getting so pissed at some people.

  • The tape won't effect anything.

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    I wouldn't recommend doing this. I'm sure you can go to a local sports/hunting store and talk to someone there about purchasing something that will protect your weapon from the elements. Attaching anything to your weapon that isn't actually recommended by the manufacturer is not only unsafe, but may also damage your weapon. Hope this helps.

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    us it...your good to go. wont effect any thing about the bullet.

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