Is it important for a 21st Century Family to value competition? Why or why not?

I was watching recently a episode of Wife Swap where one household valued competition while another household did not. Do you believe that a family in the 21st Century should value competition? Why or why not?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I consider this the Tickle Me Elmo Theory. Yes competition is good in a sense..BUT..people get caught up in the moment and have to have something that they never even knew they wanted until the "competitition" got to them. Competition is what gets us to where we need to be but it also makes us want to surpass that arena and go into areas that we never needed or wanted to be in. The best example I can give is an accountant is happy for years until someone tells him that if he fudges the books he can make more money. So people leave the realm of their normal habits to compete. NOT GOOD. I saw that episode, I did not like it as sometime just being who you are is more than enough. The old saying applies. "If you ain't got a dog in the fight maybe you ought to leave the game." People can be tooooo competitive. I believe in stand up for what you believe in, if it is not your fight or ideal then leave it alone.

  • Tiss
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    1 decade ago

    I saw that show too. The competitive family was a bit overboard, but a little competition can be a good thing. It can help kids learn how to work towards a goal, and let's face it, winning feels good! Competition also can teach kids how to lose gracefully. Competition, when balanced with other non-competitive activities, helps kids learn how to function in a highly competitive world.

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    I saw that episode and yes i do. If they don't then your child will be perfectly content to stay where they are and never strive to become better. But sometimes you gotta draw the line don't let your kids become too competitive or else they will be obsessed with winning and god forbid they lose they will be sore losers.

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