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What Is A Synthesizer?

What is it what can it do what kind of sounds can it make. TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


also in what hip hop/rap/R&B songs are they used in

Update 2:

ALSO if I were to buy one, wich is the VERY BEST

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    Whew! There's too much everything to tell.

    Okay, a sythesizer is a keyboard; like a piano. You plug it in and it runs on electricty or sometimes batteries. It makes LOTS of different sounds. It can replacate the sounds of other instruments, and make lots of unique sounds and effects.

    They're widely used in many different kind of music today, including a lot of different rap/hip hop songs.

    I'm never good at explaining things but you can learn about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthesizer or email me and I'll try to explain better.

    Synths are really cool and fun to play. ;o)

    If you were to buy one, there's a lot of consideration to put into it, depending on what you want to use it for. I have 2 and they're both Yamaha brand. Before buying one, check out the book "Piano for Dummies" by Blake Neely. It helps a lot in both buying and learning to play a synthesizer.

    Source(s): I play one.
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    A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument. The difference between electronic instruments and acoustic instruments can be illustrated with a few examples: a flute creates its sound by setting a pipe of air into resonation; a violin makes a sound as the player "bows" a string into self-oscillation, which is then transferred and amplified by a specially crafted wooden "case". Acoustic instruments are all mechanical - something must be moving or resonating for sounds to be created.

    Synthesizers are different: they don't create direct sounds, but only electric signals. Without loudspeakers or headphones attached to the synthesizer, it will not be able to make anything even remotely audible - well at least nothing apart from the clicking of the keys. This is really not very far from how your CD-player works: it doesn't make direct sounds either, only electric signals that are turned into sounds by your stereo speakers or your headphones.

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    A synthesizer (or synthesiser) is an electronic musical instrument designed to produce electronically generated sound, using techniques such as additive, subtractive, FM, physical modelling synthesis, phase distortion, or Scanned synthesis.

    Synthesizers create sounds through direct manipulation of electrical voltages (as in analog synthesizers), mathematical manipulation of discrete values using computers (as in software synthesizers), or by a combination of both methods. In the final stage of the synthesizer, electrical voltages generated by the synthesizer cause vibrations in the diaphragms of loudspeakers, headphones, etc. This synthesized sound is contrasted with recording of natural sound, where the mechanical energy of a sound wave is transformed into a signal which will then be converted back to mechanical energy on playback (though sampling synthesizers significantly blur this distinction).

    Synthesizers typically have a keyboard which provides the human interface to the instrument and are often thought of as keyboard instruments. However, a synthesizer's human interface does not necessarily have to be a keyboard, nor does a synthesizer strictly need to be playable by a human. Different fingerboard synthesizer or ribbon controlled synthesizers have also been developed. (See sound module.)

    The term "speech synthesizer" is also used in electronic speech processing, often in connection with vocoders.

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