Scientology: What are the basic beliefs? Is it really a 'religion' or?

I do not claim to know much about Scientology (though I did see the Scientology South Park episode, which I am sure is not the exact truth).

Anyways, I am more inquiring if you can be a Christian and a Scientologist? I thought Scientology was just some ways to live your life by, but not really a 'religion'.

Please help me understand further.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    1. What is true for you is what you yourself observe to be true.

    2. Man is his spirit not his mind or his body.

    3. The spirit creates his own mind. Please, do not confuse the mind with the brain that is a physical thing. The mind is composed of mental image pictures as explained in Dianetics. These pictures serve the spirit to give him knowledge and experience. These pictures are composed of energy. The energy in the picture can affect the spirit. You can feel better by remembering something that you like or angry by remembering something else. These emotions are actually energy waves emanated by the picture. You can actually feel pain by remembering a pain memory. Sometimes these pictures are accompanied by ideas or considerations. Lets suppose that you father beat you mom up in front of you. Your father was the dominating figure so you might conclude that you have to act like your father in some situations. This is what we call on Scientology an aberration (a conclusion that is imposed to you by a mental picture). This picture is what we call a engram (a pain memory that affects your judgment and free will).

    4. You can discharge the energy in these pictures through communication. This is Dianetics Auditing and is the oldest of hundreds of Scientology techniques used to improve the individual.

    5. The Spirit creates his own emotions. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you depress? Maybe you think that something external of you is creating your emotions. Maybe you believe that you are sad because you had a bad day or maybe you believe that you are happy because you had a great day. And this might be true. But who made the decision that you had a good or bad day? You did. You decided if life was good or bad, and adjusted your emotions to respond to your own consideration. You created your own emotion.

    Some people are born with everything they want and are still unhappy. And others are born into humble means and are happy. What's the difference? The only real difference is each person's ideas and considerations.

    Scientology uses hundreds of processes in order to help a person get a better understanding and a better outlook in life by using his own observations.

    6. Scientology Ethics. Ethical people take full responsibility for their actions. Un-ethical people blame others for their actions. "Wrong doings" diminish and deteriorate the freedom of the spirit because the need to justify the "wrong doing". So the spirit is enslaved into repeating the "wrong doing" in order to justify the original "wrong doing". The road to freedom lies within taking full responsibility for your personal condition and actions, past, present and future. Scientology provides the tools to help the person able to be fully responsible over his life thus rehabilitating his ability to be good and self determined.

    Also Scientologist base their conduct on a non-denominational code of conduct.

    7. Scientology and God. Scientology acknowledges the supreme being and promotes the individual search for closeness to God trough religion.

    8. Scientology vs Psychiatry. Psychiatry believes that self awareness, feelings, love and faith is merely cellular activity. Basically they think that you are your brain and you are not in charge of your behavior but your cells are.This is a totally materialistic point of view that denies the spirit and God. Psychiatrist is a pseudo science because it is based in principles that are false. Psychiatry have never proven that any "mental illnesses" (like they call it) has any connection with a physical illness. Any Neurologist will tell you there are no medical test to identify a "mental illness". All Psychiatrists base their diagnosis on opinion and opinion alone.

    Happiness, exhilaration, depression and psychosis are states of mind, not diseases. All what you have to do to stop being depress is change your state of mind. How you do that? By changing your ideas and considerations. Scientology provides the tools to achieve a better state of mind in accordance with your own point of view.

    Also Psychiatrist excuse the most horrendous crimes as mental illnesses. This is actually creates a sense of irresponsibility in society because it tells people that they are not responsible for their actions. Second they promote that drugs are the answer for your problems. This message promotes the use of drugs to find release from life and creates the current drug addiction problem in society. Drugs will only give you temporary false release but will never solve the source of your problems.And actually drugs will keep you away from finding a true spiritual release.

    Note: Scientology doesn't have anything against Psychology or Neurology. Also the mere awareness that you are a spiritual being and not a body makes you better person.

    9. Scientology is a force for good in society. Scientologist fights Psychiatric abuses, dangerous and harmful drugs, criminality, and drug addiction. Also Scientology fought and won against the FDA and the IRS. And Scientologist initiated the social reform group "Youth for Human Rights" and the movement "Say no to drugs and yes to life".

    Scientologist are some of the more intelligent, able and successful people in this planet. Including Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Sofia Milos and Leah Remini. Even Danny Masterson from the that's That '70s Show is a Scientologist.

    10. Scientology is the only church that doesn't ask for donations from their parishioners during their Sunday Services. All chapel services are 100% free (marriages, naming ceremonies, ect). Scientology earns it's money by delivering courses and auditing. Courses and auditing are optional. You do not need to take courses and auditing to be in Scientology. All you need to do to be a Scientologist is to read the books and apply Scientology to your life (like I do). But if you want auditing there are many alternative and economical ways to achieve this.

    a. You can do volunteer work in your local church and get your services for free.

    b. You can study to be an auditor and perform all your auditing with a fellow student. This way you can also provide free services to your friends and family. This is actually the preferred way to become clear because you learn how to help others. Scientology isn't about you going clear but taking responsibility across all your dynamics (self, family, group, humanity, life, ect).

    11. Scientology and aliens. The story of Xenu is just a fable like the story of "Jonah in the Whale" in the bible. Fables are not intended to be taken seriously. The story of Xenu doesn't have any significance on Scientology beliefs.

    12. Anti-Scientology propaganda is just that, propaganda. If you wanna know about this propaganda see my blog:


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    It's not a religion. It's a cult. L. Ron Hubbard (the science fiction writer and "prophet" of Scientology) has made it clear that the idea of "Jesus" is a "mental implant". His theory is that this implant, called the "R-6" implant, has made us believe that there was a man called Jesus who was the son of God. He explicitly said "there was no Christ!".

    Now... Scientology will CLAIM that it is compatible with Christianity. It doesn't want to deter new potential paying members from joining, so it promises that there will be no conflict. The problem of the "implant" and the denunciation of the existence of Christ comes when a member has paid enough money to rise to one of the higher "levels" in the church. The information is one of their "secrets", a "secret" that is only imparted unto the most "worthy" (those who can afford to pay the insane amount of money it takes to climb the Scientology ladder).

    You're right, the South Park wasn't the exact truth. There was truth and then there was typical South Park silliness. The parts that were true played with "THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE" superimposed over the images. Those parts, though a little melodramatic in presentation, accurately portrayed the teachings of Scientology (at higher levels).

    To be blunt, Scientology is a cult. It employs semi-legitimate psychotherapy and self-help methods to keep people loyal & convinced of its merit while it simultaneously sucks them dry financially and attempts to keep them far away from ANYONE, even friends and family, who would dissuade them from remaining in such a harmful situation. It is a manipulative, dangerous cult that takes its anti-psychiatry fanaticism to deadly limits. See this link for more information:

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    It is a religion, just a weird one.

    And South Park isn't too far off. It is one sided and a little exaggerated but pretty much right on.

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    This page of "chicken scratchings" is apparently their most important document.

    A rant by some guy here

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    Basic belief--Ron L Hubbard says................ .


    This URL tells it ALL!

    It almost made me cry!

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