Who's your role model and what to you want to be when you grow up?

Mine's George Clooney, he's my idol- I want to be an actor when I grow up, and he is the best actor I know. He has a great personality and he cares about people and the world.

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    Madonna used to be my idol. So talented and strong. I wanted to be a singer when I "grew up"...I've never really grown up though! Tee hee. I have a house of my own & a decent job, bills to pay etc, some of the trappings of adulthood, yet I don't feel "grown up"...I always wanted to be something creative: an actress, dancer, singer, writer, artist. Though my job is not creative, I still do things I love in my spare time (I'm too practical to be a starving artist). I write songs, play guitar & sing regularly at my favourite local bar. I'm working on a CD. I paint & have shown my artwork around town. I would love to "be discovered" but even if it never happens, I earn a good living & I will always be a singer, writer, artist as a hobby anyway.

    George Clooney is pretty cool. Good luck to you! There's no biz like showbiz! It's tough to break into but be persistent. Don't let rejection get you down (I gave up on acting after a year with an agency, one tv commercial, a modelling gig & several failed auditions. It was too costly & impractical to keep trying & pay for more headshots etc. I didn't want it badly enough. I had other dreams. I let the acting one go. Failing is just when you give up too soon. If I'd kept trying, who knows? I might have done more, might have made it big. But now songwriting and art are my main focus...)

    Break a leg!

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    Well, I am a great grand mother and I still haven't grown up but I do have role models.

    1-The person who always thinks of others when they make a decision.

    2-The person who grows up without many opportunities in life and still lives successfully as a parent and spouse and if they make it in a career so much the better.

    3-The kind person.

    4-The gentle person.

    5-You, because you are seeking answers and putting thought into it.

    I don't know much about George Clooney except what is in the media. This is often misleading, but you may be on the right track. WHY is he your role model?

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    Honestly, I don't think I have a role model, considering everyone makes mistakes. There are little things I like about people, but don't neccessarily make me want to be like them totally. All I try to do is get the good things of people, like being nice, or working hard. I try to do things so that I won't regret it if I look back. When I grow up I want to be... maybe a singer,cartoonist,writer,food photographer, or a teacher. But still, I haven't focused on one career yet. I hope that whatever I become, that I enjoy it and still make lots of money for it.

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    My parents have been great role models for me. They've taught me a lot about life, love, and family. Although, oddly I don't look to them as really role models. I look to them for simply guidance. I'm walking down my own path and, unfortunately, there is no one I know at present that has gone down the same path. Of course there are many that have gone down it before and many that will go down after me, but none that I have any knowledge of at the moment. My dream is to become a neurologist and I have been striving for that goal and will continue to strive for it till I make it.

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    No, not likely. maximum of my place fashions have been merely on a daily basis people who did the final element by way of fact it exchange into the final element to do, not by way of acceptance, glory or politics. (upload: i think of my appropriate place kind exchange right into a damaging, retired production facility worker whilst i exchange right into a baby. He did not have plenty, yet he under no circumstances complained, or maybe with having little he constantly made an attempt to help those in want. i've got self assurance he exchange right into a spiritual guy, yet I under no circumstances heard him communicate of his faith or any faith being greater useful than the different. I under no circumstances, ever heard him communicate of any team being entitled merely for being of a undeniable team. He observed all and sundry as people first, that is dealt with the two, as people, not as a variety. i relatively have self assurance if we had greater such place fashions, the international may be a greater useful place.) ~

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    My role model is Ana Maria Polo and I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

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    I'm already grown; but, when I was young, my heroes (ie role models) were John Glenn, Alan Shepherd, Capt. Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager, and Harry S. Truman.

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    As dorky as this sounds, my role model is Shamu, and I want to be a Marine bioligist/dolphin trainer at SeaWorld Orlando!

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    my role model is my mom. She always presents herself very formally. when I grow up I want to be an entrainment lawyer.

    entertainment lawyers work with many different celebrities.

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    my role models are PRINCESS DIANA and MOTHER THERESA

    my great passion is to work as a volunteer to any nation like

    working with the RED CROSS maybe to help the

    under priviledged.

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