Has anyone been to Latvia? Cities other than Riga?

I have been to Riga many times but would like to know about Ventspil or other cities in Latvia.

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    Ventspils has a nice a coastal area as well. It's a very nice and clean city, too.

    Liepaja, on the western coast (south of Ventspils) is also nice. The beach here is great (in the summer) and there's a very nice large park there, too. (Jurmalas Parks) There's some not so great places in Liepaja, too. Stay out of Karosta.

    Kuldiga has the widest waterfall in Europe... albeit very short. :) Cute little city.

    In the east Madona is nice. It's in a nice hilly area, which Latvians will call mountainous, but... compared to the pancake flatness of the rest of the country, I understand why they think that.

    Sigulda is beautiful. There's a big castle there and the grounds are great. It's a great area to camp at and there's a lot of different things to do and see there. (Went camping there for 3 days last summer.)

    As said, the coast near Riga (Jurmala) is nice. True, but a lot like Riga. The nicest parts are Dzintari and Majori.

    Source(s): I live in Latvia
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    If you're going, head for the coast. Riga is nice--I've been there at least a dozen times--but the coastal area is really fine as well.

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