Male testosterone? Could a decrease solve many things?

War? Religious strife? Domestic violence? Thievery? Real answers please from both men and women?

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    There has been much controversy as to the role of male hormones in aggression. Some argue that testosterone predisposes men to aggression. This has been borne out in part by studies that show that men who abuse steroids while bodybuilding are more aggressive and explosive than those who do not.

    It is beyond argument that men have more testosterone in their circulation than females and that men are more aggressive. Typically, males produce about 25 times as much testosterone per day as females. Male testosterone levels peak in the late teens and remain high until the mid-20s: precisely the time in which male aggressiveness and violence is most common.

    But it's clear that testosterone does not lead to violence in itself. The evidence from studies on bodybuilders cannot be taken entirely at face value. Individuals who abuse anabolic steroids often abuse other drugs too, including alcohol, cocaine and amphetamines, and are often highly aggressive and competitive prior to this abuse. So while it's likely that increased levels of testosterone aggravate a tendency towards violence in some men, it does not follow that all men are naturally violent.

    Source(s): Medical site that I took info from to complete a PE task yonks ago
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    It has actually been said that naturally-produced testosterone is not what everyone thinks it to be. In fact, the most mellow, peaceful men out there are full of naturally-produced testosterone. The testosterone problems come from either a lack of testosterone or an abundance of artificial testosterone. The stereotypical steroid-head out there, who injects the stuff, is full of artificial testosterone, which the male body does not really handle all that well. Sure, you can build some really nice biceps, but it is not the real stuff and the rest of the body, including the brain, gets thrown off by this lack of the natural stuff. These guys are nuts, because the body turns off its own production of natural testosterone, and everything is thrown out of kilter. The body balances hormones quite well in most people, and to alter this is very problematic.

    All the problems above - war, religious strife, domestic violence, thievery, those are not testosterone. Don't attack what makes males male. War is want, greed. So is religious strife. Domestic violence is when men are not taught how to be men by responsible male figures, which should be fathers, but sometimes take the shape of brothers, grandfathers, uncles, step-fathers, a good next-door neighbor, etc. Responsible men are taught that the women in their lifes are to be PROTECTED. That is our job and role. Thieves are also lacking morals. Again, lack of a strong male role model. We must be taught to EARN, not to TAKE. Attack bad fathers who do not take responsibility for their half of raising a child. Attack greed and irresponsibilty. A child is both your pride and responsibility. And half you.

    With that, a decrease in testosterone would actually contribute to the world's problems. Testosterone is not the problem. Testosterone is the solution. Let boys be boys. When they get to be boys and work out some of the issues of growing up, they become good men. Boys beat each other up. Boys go fishing in the pond. Boys get dirty. Boys build forts. Boys go dirt biking, heavy emphasis on the dirt. Boys who are precluded from these things get screwed up and do wacky things. They cannot progress to be good men. Boys have dreams though, like flying the space shuttle, or becoming a businessman, or teaching, or flying a fighter jet. After all ladies, you may have sons one day, do you want their father to be a role-model who brings them camping in the remote wilderness, teaches them what every airplane is at the airport and shows them stuff or makes them sit around and watch TV?

    Source(s): I discussed this with a public health nurse, a male nurse at that, who was very well informed on the topic of male testosterone, which also ties to male health issues, something us guys don't do a very good job of taking care of sometimes. The last thing any guy on this Earth wants to talk about is something like testicular cancer, yet a ~1mm tumor is fatal.
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    I doubt it any more than saying a "cure for PMS" would solve the same problems.

    Have you ever considered that it is usually women who talk about "Male testosterone levels"? It is almost an inside joke. It is not the amount of any hormone in a human that is a problem. It is the choices that the human makes with out without the hormone as an excuse.

    I once heard an old drunk say the all of the world's problems would be cured if there were more nymphomaniacs. His logic was that men would then be too busy and not have enough energy to fight. Many men might agree, while most women immediately respond with "I didn't raise my daughter to be a slut."

    Human behavior is based upon lessons learned when people are young. Proper training, not hormone control is the realistic solution.

    If there ever was a society ignorant enough to control male activity by removing the testicles to control testosterone levels, it would die quickly. Drug induced methods to lower blood testosterone levels is only a modification of this concept.

    Mythology tells us of a society where Women once removed males as their solution (the Amazons). It makes for great stories, but no practical solution.

    The choices people make, no matter what their hormone levels are, is the problem. Removing ignorance and biases while offering new and better options might be a better solution than hormone control.

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    Have you seen what estrogen can do? Women are VICIOUS. Truely vicious. Men tend to deal with things quickly. Women will just.. carry on.. doing it.

    I produce excess testostorone and not enough estrogen. Anti-testostorone treatment didn't make me more honest and less violent. It did make me sleep longer.

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    Not neccesarily ... and would create a whole host of new problems ....

    Men with low testosterone levels become depressed, lethargic, lose physical strength, interest in sex (procreation is still important!) and often lose interest in life.

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    No, maybe alittle, its a human problem and both men and women crave power..

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    yeah prob also means a floppy di*k. no fun there

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    it might solve acne

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    yes, and then we can all go shopping!

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