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Anonymous asked in 商業及金融其他 - 商業及金融 · 1 decade ago

about econ

calculat GDP


second hand goods


transfer payment

depreciation of capital equipment

private consumption


分別係+落income approach定expenditure approach度?

同埋d dep 幾時+幾時-


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Expenditure Approach


    C =Personal Consumption Expenditure

    I = Gross Private Domestic Investment second hand goods

    Income Apporach

    W+I+R+丌+Depreciation+Indirect Tax-Subsidy

    second hand goods----唔計

    subsidy------income approach

    transfer payment-------唔計

    depreciation of capital equipment--------income approach and expenditure approach

    private consumption---------expenditure approach

    depreciation 應該不會 - , 只會+

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