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Business Managers


The business manager is the person on your team who handles all your money. He or she collects it, keeps track of it, pay your bills, invests it, makes sure you file your tax returns, etc.

 Listen to me!!! Did you know that in California, a person needs no credentials whatsoever to be a business manager?Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to be an accountant (mush less a certified public accountant), and you don't even have to be licensed by the state.

Technically, business managers who give certain kinds of investment advice need to be" registered investment advisors" (like stockbrokers, who are licensed by the federal government before they can sell securities to the public). However, very few are.

 What this means is that you could be turning your money over to someone who has no more financial training than you do.And when you stop to think about it, that's pretty scary.

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    業務經理是處理你那隊全部的錢的人。 他或她會收錢、看清錢的來龍去脈、幫你付賬、投資、並且確認你報送納稅申報表*,等等 。

    聽我說﹗ ! ! 你知道在加利福尼亞,無論要成為一位業務經理或什麼,都不需要證明書嗎? 與許多的意見相反,你並不需要當一名會計師(更不用當一名有證照的會計師),甚至連被國家批准都不需要。

    技術上, 給某些種投資建議的業務經理需要"註冊的投資顧問*" (像在把証券出售*給公眾之前,被聯邦政府批准的股票經紀人一樣)。 不過那是指少數部分。

    這個意思是你可能正在把你的錢轉交給一位受到金融訓練比妳還少的人。 當你停下來考慮它時,那是滿恐怖的。

    file your tax returns,registered investment advisors,sell securities這些我都不太確定的旁邊有加"*",看你能不能問別人

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    注意!你知道在加州做業務經理不需要證照嗎?恰和大家的想法相反,業務經理不必要是會計人員 (更不要說是有證照的公眾會計師) ,甚至不須領得州裡的証照。技術上,提供某些投資諮詢的業務經理必須是“經註冊的投資顧問”(如股票經紀人,向公眾銷售証劵前,須領有聯邦頒的證照)。可是,那是很少的。


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