Anyone pregnant and feel crazy?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and ever since 20 weeks I have felt so anxisous i worry about everything. I feel so scared and am worry so much about death. I am turning into a hypocondraic. I was not llike this before. Some days are better that others but when I am having a bad day I cannot relax. I know this stess is bad for the baby and that makes me worry. I am afraid to take anything because I dont wont to hurt the baby. Why am I freakin out? I have talk to the docter and he told me to stick it out but sometimes I feel like I might go crazy. I have a plan for after birth I am going to take something because I am afraid I am going to have postpartum since this has been so bad. I was just wondering if anyone eles has expreimced this so I dont feel so alone and crazy. And what has helped them?

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    You need to just relax and keep yourself busy with preparing for the babys arrival. And not to be trivial, but have you ever heard the phrase "Insanity is contagious, you get it from your kids."Sounds like yours is working on you before it is born. The last few weeks of pregnancy are always the worst because the time seems to drag and you are totally ready to have the baby and get back to feeling human again. Just hang in there and think good thoughts about what it will be like to hold that new baby in your arms.

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    its normal, i have felt the same way at times. I am 28 weeks. it just our hormones. not only that but the farther along you get the more anxious you get. if your depressed, you can talk to your ob gyn they can give you some pointers or possibly a mediaction to help that wont hurt the baby. dont stress yourself out like you said its not good for you or the baby, the baby can feel everything you feel.

    I just try to have a positive out look on things and not dwell on stuff just let things go more often then not.

    be happy you are going to be a mom soon and expierence a love like no other, you will no longer be alone in anything.......

    Good Luck!

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    Yes!!!!I have had 5 children and had it happen to me. It is most likely hormones, stress, and if this is your first baby that explains alot. But not to the extent that you are. My first was stressful I worried alot and was anxious, but it was because I was worried if I would be a good mom. After I had her I was fine. Somehow you need to try and relax its not good for the baby. Don't be surprised if you baby turns out just the way you are acting. I am a firm believer that the way you act when you are pregnant is the way the baby is going to act when it is born. The food you crave while pregnant the child will love and the food you cant stand the child will hate.

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    Yes! I am 23 weeks. My paranoia hits at night. For example, last night I woke at 4am and could not go back to sleep. I was crying and worrying about everything. Then I started thinking about all the mistakes I have made in my sons life (stupid, little things) and I couldn't get over it. I had to go into his room and crawl into bed with him (his 10 year old body and me and my belly- in a twin bed- lol). Finally after about an hour of crying over him in his sleep, I was afraid he would wake up and think I was psycho so I went and layed on the couch. Needless to say, I wasn't able to go back to sleep at all! After I got him of to school, I went back to sleep, woke up later and was fine.

    I also get worried about this craziness and think maybe it's a sign of being at risk to develop PPD. I haven't talked to my doctor about it though. I think it's probably normal pregnancy hormones, but just watch yourself closely after you deliver and get help if your still acting that way. Try to keep a sense of humor. Good luck!

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    Don't worry, it is my first and I am only 10 weeks and feel like a hypochondriac. It's normal to feel anxious. Hang in there.

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    I am only 10 weeks and im going crazy IDK how you made it to 20 weeks and started feeling that... Every thing stresses me out and makes me mad... SO if any good news i feel crazy at 10 weeks

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    im pregnant and i dont feel crazy. even tho i should due to the fact that i am a man.

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