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Diabetes, types?

Can a type 2 diabetic turn into a type 1 diabetic if they are in good control of their blood sugars?

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    Type 2 cannot become type 1 , although a type 2 can eventually end up taking insulin. Type 1 is caused when the person's own immune system attacks pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin. Once those cells have been killed off by the body then insulin must be given via injection or a pump in order for the person to live. This type of diabetes is most often initially diagnosed in children. Type 2 on the other hand is where a persons body still makes insulin but either does not make enough to keep up with that persons needs or the insulin that is produce is not being used efficiently by the body. Type 2 usually take pills that will help the body to use the insulin their nody still produces. Most types 2 can lessen the impact of the disease and avoid complications and the use of insulin through diet and exercise. Type 1s are insulin dependant for life. The two should really have different names to avoid confusion.

    Source(s): My 3 year old son had type 1 diabetes and my grandfather had type 2
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    type 1 diabetes means INSULIN DEPENDEND DIABETES


    Type 2 may require insulin in later stages, but it doesnt become type 1

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    If any damage was sustained having or contributed to the Type 2 Diabetes, meaning if you have Type 2 Diabetes and you get the flu and it makes your Pancreas stop producing Insulin, then Yes you can get Type 1 Diabetes. If you control Blood sugars and stay on Diet and I mean that with a capital D, you won't get Type 1. If your Pancreas is on the down fall complexed by some injury to the Pancreas is the only way you'll get Type 1.

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    Ella is right. Type 2 CANNOT "turn into" Type 1. They are 2 very different diseases with different genetics and disease processes.

    Type 2 diabetes is the most common form, *generally* related to obesity and poor lifestyle habits. Type 2 diabetes is caused by INSULIN RESISTANCE. It is usually diagnosed in adults, and was known as "adult onset" diabetes. However, since more and more obese children are now developing Type 2, this name no longer applies. The treatment is diet, exercise, meds, and in some cases, insulin. Insulin can often be avoided IF the person makes the effort to control the disease well early on and makes changes.

    Type 1 diabetes is a non-preventable autoimmune disease that has nothing to do with lifestyle. It accounts for about 5% of diabetes cases, and is often first diagnosed in children and teens, although it can develop at any age.

    As a Type 2 with insulin resistance cannot "become" a Type 1 with autoimmune insulin deficiency (unless they have they genetics for both-then they have BOTH Type 1 AND Type 2) , a Type 2 on insulin simply becomes that, not a Type 1 diabetic.

    Their treatment changes, but their disease does not.

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    No type 2 is diabeties in kids and type 1 is in adults....

    Source(s): I have some friends with type 2 diabeties!!
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    they realy are two completely different types. So my answer is no.

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