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What was the best MONTY PYTHON moment?

Take your pick.

I don't know if it classifys as a sketch, but as for the funniest moment, it was that 30 second sequence with Michael Palin being dragged off the camera after first giving a quick lecture on proper goldfish diet, then starts jamming this small goldfish bowl with French wine, sausages, and some other French entre.

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    The tale of Sir wait!....."What have the Romans ever done for us"! no!....I know! It has to be the nude organist.....or maybe the intermission in the Holy Grail......have to admit the animation is pretty hilarious too......their first televised sketch I think was the chartered accountants and the gorilla (that one is awesome!).....I really liked the parrot.....and the cheese shop......and my God, the bookshop skit is brilliant too with Charles Dikkens (with 2 K's) the well-known Dutch author.....the Last Supper Skit with Michelangelo and the Pope?.....the cricket commentators made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself....Sir Robin soiling his armour when he sees the rabbit in action?....the bit in swamp castle explaining to the guards to stay and watch the prince....Oh I know! It's......

    (Imagine the last word above was said by an ancient naked man on a desert island)

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    If you can get a copy of "Monty Python Live at Hollywood Bowl", check out the Humour lecture (also known as the Jape sketch or the custard pie sketch).

    In it Graham Chapman delivers a lecture about various forms of "jape" such as tripping people up, pulling a chair from under them, "unintentionally" hitting people with a plank of wood and hte various permutations of delivering a custard pie. These are demonstrated by the trio of Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones.

    It is about the funniest thing you will ever see.

    It's on You Tube (I've put a link) but the picture quality isn't wonderful

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    Being a huge Monty Python fan, I'm aware of a poll taken, and it was by one of the entertainment television shows like "Entertainment Tonight," or something like that.

    I remember all five but not sure of the order of three through five.

    1. Dead Parrot (Television Show Skit)

    2. Let's call it a draw (From "Search for the Holy Grail")

    3. Every Sperm is Sacred (The Meaning of Life)

    4. Twit Olympics (Television Skit)

    5. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink (Television Skit)

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    The Grim Reaper and the salmon mousse. I do believe that one is from the Meaning of Life.

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    "Tis merely a flesh wound" -Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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    My favorite will always be the Lumberjack Song.

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    when it ended

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    "One day all this will be yours.'

    'What, the curtains?"

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