where can i find a list of orthropedic surgeons who specialize in joint replacement surgery in Binghamton, N.?

looking for doctors who specialize in hip replacement surgery in the binghamton, n.y. area. Doctors who work in or around these hospitals: Lourdes, Binghamton General and Wilson

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    My father had his first knee replacement at Robert Packer in Sayre PA. nearly 30 yrs. ago. The second was done in the same place 26 yrs. ago. He's 84 yrs. old and active as ever. He was a dairy farmer in Horseheads for 50 yrs. He's got 9 lives as he had colon cancer in 1969 and they gave him 5 yrs. (Robert Packer again). Another unrelated colon cancer 3 yrs. ago (Robert Packer). I do not know what your age is but personally I'd go for the gold and have your local Dr. refer you to Strong Memorial in Rochester. The best of the best is there. I has a spinal fusion there 1978. L4 to the sacrum (tailbone). My orthopedic Doc. in Elmira sent me there because he studied with the Doc.at Strong who only did spine surgeries. There two good ones in Elmira, Dr's. Bishop and Gibson. Best of luck to you!

    Source(s): My daughter gratuated from Binghamton University School of Nursing. and her first job was at Lourdes.
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