I have an old friend coming into town tomorrow, and I need to know How do I ditch my dude without him knowing?

We have two kids together, and I want to have him watch the kids without him suspecting anything. So what would you recommend as the best drag to come up with?


Some perople did not understand my question. I dont want my bf to find out i'm going to see my friend(homey lover friend duh) And I have my children with my bf, not my friend coming to visit. To the girl who said if he's you bf why hasn't he married you, this is NOT Oprah! and marriage is overrated anyways. Besizes my bf is no saint i'm sure he's cheated on me plenty of times.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Who do you have the kids with? Who do you not want to suspect something? The boyfriend or the friend?Do you not want the friend to know about the boyfriend? I guess I am just to old for this stuff. If there is nothing to suspect then why do you want your boyfriend and kids gone when this friend comes by to visit? Why would your boyfriend think something fishy would be going on if you are just friends? You don't sleep with friends do you? Ugh that is sick! Oh!Please rephrase your question I must have gotten it all wrong. Ask Jerry Springer if I read this right.Why hasn't your boyfriend married you if you have children together?

  • This is called 'cheating' and unless you want to loose your bf you shouldn't do it. How would you feel if he cheated on you like that? It's wrong on every level to sneak around like that. If you don't love him then why are you with him? Be honest with yourself and him!

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