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basics of washing clothes?

This may seem basic, but I was just wondering some basics for washing and drying clothes. I know how to, but it seems my clothes shrink and fade really quickly and everyone seems to have their own when do you use cold as opposed to hot water? Is it really important to wash colors together and whites together? Best ways to get stains out? Stuff like that

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    I like to add a scoop of Oxi-clean to every load. It helps soften the water and gets the clothes a little cleaner.

    I wash my whites together in hot water and liquid bleach. Dry in hot dryer

    Jeans, sweat shirts, t-shirts, etc, I use warm water and dry in a hot dryer

    Sweaters and delicates and fabrics that might shrink get washed in cold water on gentle cycle and then I dry them using the low-heat setting till they're just slightly damp and them hang on the line to finish. Keeps the sweaters from shrinking.

    I wear all my clothes twice before I wash them, too. I change clothes when I get home and just fold everything up to wear a 2nd time. It keeps them from wearing out so soon. I shower every day and I'm clean. No need to wash a sweater I wore to work for 8 hours.

    I like Gain Joyful Expressions liquid detergent. Smells GREAT. And I always use a fabric softner!

    I like Shout for getting out stains. The spray 'n wash stain stick is also great. Also, adding a 'degreaser' to the wash or on spots works really great for grease and and for washing things like sheets and towels that collect body oils.

    The clorox bleach pen works really good on whites with stains. just make sure you wet the fabric first.

    Taking everything out of the dryer IMMEDIATELY and folding them or hanging them up will cut down on ironing. I HATE to iron, so I'm religious about this step. If the clothes get cold before I can get to them, I refluff them in the dryer on hot for 15 more mins.


    p.s. Turn your jeans, t-shirts, sweat shirts, anything dark or with a design, inside out before washing. It keeps them from fading.

    Also, it sounds weird, but black clothes actually fade worse in the DRYER, not the washer. Wash inside out and then hang to dry and you'll be surprised how much longer those black jeans stay black!

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    As a pretty much confirmed bachelor, I have had to learn the hard way. I have a technique that I learned from watching the lady that does the fluff and fold at the laundromat years ago.

    Separate your clothes by color:

    Ex) dark colors with dark colors- wash in cold water with a downy ball and softener(greatest thing I ever found)

    Whites with whites and try not to put any whites with color on them in the same batch - wash in hot water, make sure you add the detergent and bleach before you add clothes and let the tub fill at least halfway before adding clothes. If you really want them white let them soak a little in the hot water by turning the machine off for a few minutes then turn it back on.

    I wash jeans in batches of three, but I'm a big guy. Wash them in cold water with the downy ball too. Always make sure to add your detergent before you add the clothes.

    The only time I use hot water is for whites. Sometimes I use warm if the color clothes are extremely dirty of smell funky, but I always rinse in cold.

    The best thing I found for stains is that new Tide stick. It works like magic. Also, if you stain something with a liquid, if you can, keep the article from drying before you wash it. I often put it in a sink full of soapy water until I'm ready to wash it. Shout is an old standby, but you have to test it on the fabric to make sure it doesn't make the color run.

    Drying is where most of your shrinkage is happening. Try medium heat instead of high and also try the delicate cycle if you have it. Don't over-dry, and take the clothes out immediately. Lay them out flat and let them cool before folding...I use my bed for that. Hang your hanging clothes immediately and it will cut down on your ironing. Avoid over crwding your closets. If your clothes are being squeezed into the closet there's no point ironing them. I bought some extra door hangers that allow me to put some of the nicer clothes(work clothing) on the doors of my closets instead of cramming them inside. When I do iron I use heavy starch and usually that will last through several washings.

    It's no big mystery, just learn from your mistakes and before you try anything different try it on an old piece of clothing.

    Good luck

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    well, I'm kind of new to washing clothes as well but from what I know:

    I think it's pretty much always good to wash in cold water. Hot water is more likely to dissolve your colours and delicate materials.

    Always check the tag and it will tell you what's best.

    Delicate things should be hand washed gently so they don't shrink. In luke warm water and not too much detergent.

    Limit the bleach use for delicate materials and really bright things to prevent fading.

    If it's not super dirty - no huge stains etc. you don't need those strong detergents.

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    I only wash whites in hot water. I wash everything else in cold water. If I have a doubt I wash it in cold water.

    Read the washing label on the item and it will tell you anything you are not supposed to do.

    Be careful of anything 100% cotton it can shrink when you dry in hot dryer.

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    Bold/Dark colors together in cold - wash & dry with gentle cycles

    Light colors together in cold or warm - wash & dry w/gentle cycles

    Whites together in hot

    Towels/Sheets in hot

    Hang clothes to dry to prevent fading

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    There are a few things to keep in mind.

    1. Seperate your colors...darks with darks...whites with whites and colors with colors and always...reds by them selves...(personal experience)

    2. You should use cold water for darks and colors and warm or hot for whites. I don't do this but thats why mother taught me.

    3. I use shout for stains...but there are tons of different products for getting out stains.

    hope this helps

    Source(s): persona experience and my mother.
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    U can use tide coldwater and yes u need to put colors with colors and whites with whites to prevent from fading and shrinking u could use hot water with whites cold water with jeans and warm water with tops that is wat i use and it works for me so go ahead and try it.

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    cold for coloreds

    white need warm

    sheets need hot water

    stainsticks work well

    i throw them together now though with only 2 ppl to save time and trouble...who sees underwear anyway except the lover?

  • Shayna
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    1 decade ago

    Cheer to prevent fading.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you may have a problem with your water being to hard. try reserching on web or call the number on your detergent box.

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