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Olympic Torch Relay to Climb Everest??

From badminton to basketball, the games kick off when the Olympic Torch Relay that begins several months before opening ceremonies makes it's way into the stadium to ignite the flame.

According to the BBC, before the flame gets to Beijing, it will actually go to the summit of Mount Everst. Twice. There will reportedly be a televised rehearsal in 2007 before the actual torch relay in 2008. The full schedule of the torch relay, which must be approved by the International Olympic Committee, has not yet been released.

"The torch will be designed in order to burn at such a high altitude," said Beijing Olympics official Liu Jingmin.

Any ideas on how this could be realistically accomplished??

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    The whole thing is interesting. IOC will probably approve the torch relay route to go to Everest despite the still questioning about the legitimacy of Chinese control over Tibet.

    The flame will have to be protected from high wind that is common there as well as requiring continuous supply of oxygen for burning. It won't be easy, but the Chinese may be able to pull it off. They just have to try and perfect it before the real deal. They don't like to be embarrassed.

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