Why is there no heat/air coming from the vents downstairs in my home?

There is heated air coming from the vents upstairs, but none in my living room downstairs. The kitchen has very little warm air coming from the floor vents.

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    You should check for the integrity of your ducting system. You didn't say where your furnace is located, but in many installations it is in the attic. In that case, the downstairs and the kitchen floor vents are the most distant from the furnace. If a duct has come loose from the air plenum attached to the furnace, you're losing heat into the attic and none is going downstairs. Your should reattach the duct to the starter collar, and don't just use duct tape but fasten the duct securely with a plastic tie wrap. Then fold the insulation over the end of the duct and wrap with aluminum foil tape, which you can buy in the heating section of Home Depot and elsewhere.

    The other thing you should check is to see if there are dampers on the duct line. These are sometimes installed so that the heating technician can balance the air flow. If the nut has come loose, the damper may have accidentally closed, blocking the air flow.

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    Remember the hot air rises and cool air drops.

    There are many reasons for this problem but the most likely is because the downstairs vents are closest to the furnace,the air will go out the closest and easiest path.

    1. The downstairs vent are fully open...close them off a bit using the flapper vane in the pipe, usually located somewhere close the the vent opening with a handle or lever on the pipe to close it

    2. The upstairs vents are closed or blocked from free flow by furniture or rugs

    3. The fan is not running fast enough or the volume is restricted

    4. The filter is clogged and doesn't pass enough air "into" the furnace bottom air compartment

    5. The "cold air" returns are blocked or obstructed in the house (check for floor opening with screens over holes in the upper floor "floor and wall" panels) by furniture or rugs

    It sounds like the duct work in your house is set up wrong and so the air is escaping to the downstairs vents first and there isn't enough volume to go upstairs

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    I would assume you already checked the vents but if you check the duct work there are usually dampers in them close to the plenum(top of furnace) it sill be a small handle about 3 inches long on side of duct usually made of the same medal, it's position indicates the position of the damper inside of the duct

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    Check and make sure that the vents are open completely, and remove any obstruction if any. It is possible that downstairs is last on the supply line.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone above had great answers, but... The most obvious and easiest thing to do is check your air filter. A dirty filter will cause low air flow, and even cause your furnace to short cycle.

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    You seriously should have your vents passages checked for dead rats or mice. They DO get inside them things SOMEHOW and CAN create a REAL HEADACHE!

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Smitty...

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