Scott Brown and Kevin Thomson?

Are they the first set of Siamese twins ever to play professional football? Are they joined at the hip?

It seems to be that wherever one player wants to go the other follows. Are thet too stupid to think for themselves or are they being manipulated by their agent into getting the best deal for HIM, not THEM?

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    A couple of ******. If they'd played on Wednesday night, Hibs would probably be safely in the next round of the cup. Brown is overrated, he'll be taken down a peg or two when he moves up a level. He has a right schemie attitude. He needs a good hiding. I'd quite like to bump into the little poof. Thomson will hold his own I think though. Both would further their careers if they moved on now since all this rubbish has came out they can't stay at Easter Road. The worst move for either of them would be the Glasgow two. That being the case, I hope they land up there.

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    i would say the agent is looking for the best deal for himself but agents are the bane of all football they dont care for the game they dont care for the player they are only interested how much they will get themselves at the end of the deal as for the siamese twins they should get the separation operation and go their different ways and see if they can make a career for themselves instead of hanging on to their team mate

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    1 decade ago

    Idiots that they are. What do u expect from two hobo's?

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