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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


像英檢寫作那樣!~~不用太長!~~8~10句 不超過10句!!!

1~3題是敘述唷!~~啟程轉和一點唷要First..... Second ... Finally


題目 1. a learning exprience .學習經驗

題目 2. Traveling alone or in a tour group . 自己旅遊還是團體旅遊好ㄋ

題目 3. a visit to Tokyo.

題目 4. advantoges and disadvantages of online shopping . 線上購物ㄉ利弊

題目5. Difference between traditional market supermarket . 傳統市場和超級市場ㄉ差別!~



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    題目 1. a learning exprience .學習經驗

    I've been a student for several years, so I have many

    learning experiences.First, preview the lesson before

    we start it. Then I will understand it quickly. Second,

    review for the lesson after the teacher taught it. Finally,

    paying attention on the class is also important for me.

    Those are my learning experiences.

    題目 2. Traveling alone or in a tour group . 自己旅遊還是團體旅遊好ㄋ

    I know that many people are confused by traveling alone

    or in a tour group. I think I prefer traveling alone. First, if

    we travel with a tour group, the fee might be expensive.

    Then traveling by our own may be much cheaper. Second,

    some of the routes of the trip that was chosen by tour groups

    are not interesting. However; traveling alone or going with a

    tour group is up to you.

    題目5. Difference between traditional market supermarket . 傳統市場和超級市場ㄉ差別!~

    I love to be in supermarkets than be in traditional markets. First,

    supermarkets have air conditioners and traditional markets don't.

    Second, traditional markets are dirty and stinky. Third, buying

    things in supermarkets is much safer. In addition, if I buy some

    -thing wrong from supermarkets, I can ask the persons working

    in supermarket for exchanging them. I prefer shopping in supermarkets!

    3.4題沒經驗 所以不知道怎麼寫!

    Source(s): Myself
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