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YLJ asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago









歡迎意譯 ^_^

Update 2:

請問Adam大師:您覺得第二句能否跳脫作詞者在中文上用「五痛」的反覆手法,直接意譯上一言以蔽之,用absolutely devastated來翻譯即可呢?

Update 3:

謝謝Adam大師補充說明,謹此先奉上一包痛貼貼給您。不好意思再請問一下,如果用absolutely devastated, totally crushed, entirely overwhelmed,這連環三痛能否抵那連環五痛?還有,在下懵懂,一直感受不出您第二句的痛耶,可否再更「賺人熱淚」一點?感恩

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5 Answers

  • T40
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    1 decade ago
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    Leaving you is but a thought deeply buried;

    Loving you is but a path blurredly forbidden;

    Nibbling, the bitter; knawing, the sorrow; drilling, the hurt; biting, the hate; falling, my heart…

    Deep running love betrays no blessing of fate; leaves us holding dear what is between us.

    "We'll share a life from the start in next life," so propels the hope.

    2007-01-19 02:32:33 補充:


    The bitter(ness) keeps nibbling at me.

    The Sorrow keeps gnawing at me.

    The hurt never stops drilling me.

    The hate bites me constantly.

    And my heart just sinks and sinks and sinks...

    2007-01-19 02:33:18 補充:

    The love, though runs deep, does not gain the blessing of (from) fate. (So our split (seeming forced by circumstances, and looming, is mandated by fate.)

    The use of "betrays" means "reveals".

    Don't know if this helps bringing light to my wordings. Let me know.

    2007-01-19 02:33:52 補充:

    Again, this is "囈" 譯。(囈語滿天飛)

    So we can only cherish (implys pending loss) what is true (the feelings) between us.

    2007-01-19 02:58:24 補充:

    correction: implies pending loss... the result of not carrying my head with me today.

    2007-01-20 05:18:14 補充:


    knaw 不是我要用的字。我要用的字是「gnaw」。


    Nibbling, the bitter; gnawing, the sorrow; drilling, the hurt; biting, the hate; falling, my heart…


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  • 1 decade ago



    Perhaps parting is perturbing

    Perhaps passionate affection is not permitted

    For this I suffer

    For this I’m tortured

    And for this I’m tormented and lost in self antipathy

    Albeit the abysmal attachment

    Attenuated affinity brings about aberration

    And although we appreciate our affection

    We can merely anticipate to acquaint with one another

    At the advent of new adventure after reincarnation

    Source(s): 痛痛痛痛痛
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  • Adam
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    It may not be easy to part, but it may not be allowed to be in love either.

    I'm caught between the devil and the deep blue sea that causes me only a mixture of bitterness, griefs, heartbreak, and repentance.

    Our love, so deep yet so short-lived, doesn't seem to be blessed by all,

    which leads us to the realization that we should cherish every moment of it.

    After all, we can but count on our next life to make a fresh start on our unfinished love story.

    暫時我的意境就只有這樣了,哪天有所提升再來修改吧....... Orz

    2007-01-18 09:03:40 補充:



    2007-01-18 11:34:32 補充:

    1. 三痛當然不如五痛啊,五痛還要多痛兩下耶。

    而且absolutely devastated, totally crushed, entirely overwhelmed,讓我感覺的是一片"血肉模糊"的痛啊。

    2. 你感受不到痛是嗎?

    painful "ouch", bitter "ouch", grievious "ouch", traumatic "ouch", and devastating "ouch" 怎麼樣?夠痛了吧。 ^皿^

    2007-01-18 11:34:38 補充:


    all sorts of "ouches" from overwhelming aches and pains


    heart-breaking, -aching, -wrenching, -rending, and -racking feelings

    2007-01-18 13:13:26 補充:

    Ling 大大:

    聽說是"正光金絲膏" 才會 "油效",哇~~哈哈哈哈!

    2007-01-19 13:37:57 補充:


    I am stranded in a desperate dilemma,

    so painfully and grievously torn between whether to part or to love,

    so much so that not a damn thing can help out.

    2007-01-19 13:38:04 補充:

    Our dead-end relationship, maliciously played by fate,

    can never be retrieved.

    The only hope of its rebirth finds no place but in next life.

    Source(s): myself
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  • 1 decade ago

    Perhaps parting is not easy; perhaps it's not possible to love

    I lose myself with pain, sorrow, heart-aches and hate

    Our deep feelings could not win over our shallow destiny, even if we knew how to cherish each other

    We can only wait until our next life to be in each other's story again.

    Source(s): 自己
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  • 1 decade ago



    It may be hard to part. Perhaps it's wrong to share our feelings and love. I feel the pain, sorrow, heart-aching, and even the regret of my lossing myself.



    The love is so deep but we had to sadly part. We shall learn to cherish. We will only hope that you and I shall encounter in anther life.

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