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Full Name: David Michael Sabo

Specialty: Guitar

Birthday: September 16th, 1964

Hometown: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Influences: KISS, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Iron Maiden and Randy Rhoads

Parents: Snake's father resides in Florida, where he has lived since Snake's birth. Snake was raised by his mother "Mama Snake"

Siblings: Snake has four older brothers

Self-Description: "I'm the worrier. It is tough to be objective when you are talking about yourself, but I am definitely the most level-headed. I can say that honestly, when it comes to people going in opposite directions, I am the guy who can maybe bring it together. Who finds the common ground. That is maybe my strong point. The bad point is that I'm the worrier. That's where the give-and-take comes in. I worry about what is going to happen tomorrow and Sebastian does not give a shit."



抱歉~沒想到會"消音"= =|||

最後蓋住的是...雪特 抱歉 多體諒重金屬樂團吧

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    全名: 大衛邁克爾・Sabo 專業: 吉他生日: 1964 年9月16 日故鄉: 新不倫瑞克, 新澤西影響: 親吻、Judas 教士、Aerosmith 、范・Halen, 鋼未婚和蘭迪・Rhoads 父母: 蛇的父親居住在佛羅里達, 他居住從蛇的誕生。蛇由他的母親"Mama 蛇" 兄弟姐妹扶養了: 蛇有四個更舊的兄弟自已描述: "我是自找煩惱的人。它是堅韌的是客觀的當您談論你自己, 但我確定地最頭腦清醒。我能說, 誠實地, 當它來人民進在相反方向, 我是能可能帶來它的人。誰發現共同基礎。那是可能我的優點。壞點是, 我是自找煩惱的人。那是公平交易進來的地方。我擔心什麼明天發生並且Sebastian 不給a大便

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