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有關Rime of the Ancient Mariner


有關"古舟子詠"~"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”的問題





1. Summary(英文大意)

2. Comment:

Why the Mariner blesses the snakes, which represent the evil symbol in

the Bible?





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    This episode is rich in symbolism: the Mariner falls from grace because he separated himself from Nature by the act of killing the Albatross; now because of the transforming power of imagination, he reunites himself with Nature by blessing the snakes. Why did Coleridge use the blessing of snakes as the symbol for this reunification? First there is more dramatic tension in blessing a species which Man in historical times has found repugnant. It's easy to identify with song birds or dolphins. It is a greater stretch finding common ground with snakes. Furthermore, there is a great dramatic irony in having snakes act as a vehicle or salvation since in the Bible the serpent was a vehicle for the fall. I believe this choice underlines Coleridge's desire to have the Rime compared and contrasted with the story of the Fall in the Bible.

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