I am a new real estate agent in stanislaus county California. realtor fee?

I want to know if all the real estate agencies around ask for you to sign up with the national association of realtors. the fee is expensive, I want to join them when I make a few sales? does someone know a RE firm that does not require you to do that in the area?

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    If a broker is a Realtor than all his agents have to be Realtors. There are brokers out there who are not Realtors. If you are serious about being a real estate agent full time do not hesitate to become a Realtor and join the MLS. One good sale will cover your annual fees. The best way a real estate agent can make money is with listings. Concentrate 100% on getting listings and the buyers will come to you. Make sure all your listing have name riders on them with your phone number. It is almost impossible to sell listings without the MLS. The benefits far out weigh the cost.

    good luck


    Source(s): Licensed Louisiana Real Estate Broker, Licensed Louisiana Consumer Lender, President of Arpent Business Consultants LLC (a real estate investment company) and a Property Manager. I am not an attorney and any comments above are not to ever be mistaken as attorney advice.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Find another job. If you can't join the MLS and pay your NAR dues, how are you going to afford to market your services?

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes and no

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