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Broadband access for laptop away from home.?

I live in Philadelphia, but all help is welcome. Here's the dilemma. I need to use my laptop at home but more often, away from home. I have a PC card already and can pick up hotspots fine. But on my job, there is no internet connection available. [This is where I want to primarily use my personal laptop (not the company's)]. If I purchase a $50-90 broadband access plan from Tmobile or Sprint etc. will I be able to access the internet at my job (on my personal computer) throughout the day? Will there be a good connection? (Just so you know- my company has taken email monitoring and restrictions to another level and I can't see myself sitting there for 8 hours and being unable to visit all of the great people on Yahoo). Thanks

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    Broadband access through a wireless carrier works just like a wireless phone. The laptop card actually is a digital phone, dedicated for data use. The same limitations in coverage apply to the broadband as they do you a wireless phone from the same carrier.

    A simple test. Take a cell phone from a specific carrier to the locations most desirable to you. If you have a good signal with the phone, say three bars or better, then broadband should work just fine.

    Pay close attention to the carrier's coverage maps. Hi speed data may not be available in non metro areas. And test the signal in your office building.

    Good luck

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    As long as your cell phone can get a signal at your workplace, you should be able to access the internet. the only problem is, many wireless/cellphone internet providers have a bandwidth restriction and you will pay big bucks for using more than your allotted amount for the month.

    I understand the email monitoring thing. My company requires that you use their email program only, regardless of how much information gets lost in the shuffle.

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    If you get a broadband access plan through a cell phone company, you should get connectivity anywhere you can get cell phone connectivity. And if I'm not mistaken, you can get rates similar to that of a cable modem or DSL.

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