My nephew is getting involved with Liberator Sales Inc.; has anyone else dealt with them or know of them?

My nephew tends to be the get rich quick type and is lazy. I only found a little bit about them; they take groups of young people to colleges and other places and sell magazine subscriptions. I need info. on the company if you know; if you dont' that's o.k., looking more for knowledge than for opinions. Thanks for your help!


You guys are great! fantastic answers; keep em coming; he's kind of in the know it all stage as a young man and I need proof.

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    notice the words rip off in these casually Googled results....

    Traveling Magazine Sales Crews Information IndexMadison Newspapers, Inc. CLOSE THE DOOR ON SALES CREWS ... labor violations, laura barrow, laura e. barrow, lddc, liberator sales inc., liberator sales, ... - 76k - Cached - Similar pages

    Traveling Sales Crews Home Page A National TragedyDMPG research into the above Felony Theft reveals that the 'traveling door to door' magazine salesman was working for Liberator Sales, Inc.. ... - Similar pages

    [ More results from ] Liberator Sales, Inc.YOUR FUTURE IS NOW! Liberator Sales, Inc. - TRAVEL USA. Home · About Us · Careers · Big Contest · Management · Advancement · FAQs ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

    Pacific Coast Clearing ServicesPacific Coast Clearing Services Inc aka Classic Sales aka Creator Sales aka ... aka Island Sales aka Jaguar Sales aka K T S Inc aka Liberator Sales Inc aka ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

    [DOC] * * * DELIBERATIVE AGENDA * * *File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML

    14. 2005-2006 PEDDLER APPLICATION: Liberator Sales, Inc. 14.01. COMMUNICATION: Nikki A. Fuller, Assistant City Attorney, re: Liberator Sales, Inc. ...

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    I don't know a lot about those magazine sales crews, but back in the 50's ( I know,that was the 'dark ages') my cousin went around the country with a crew like that. They barely gave him enough pay for meals and he ended up far away from home and penniless. He called my Dad to send him some money to get back home on. It was a scam. Your nephew needs to be very careful. There are some very bad businesses out there.

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