So what do you think of the Trump/Rosie fight? Do you think one is right and the other wrong?How about Tara,?

Miss America?

Personally I think that Trump is acting like a spoiled child. Maybe we are getting a real view of what he's like when he doesn't get his own way. Just shows you money can't buy maturity or class. And Tara..should she still retain the Miss America title? They didn't seem to be able to forgive Vanessa Williams for her nude--maybe gay-photographs..but then she was black and involved maybe in lesbianism--she didn't stand a chance. BUT she has sure proven them wrong and made a success out of her life despite them.

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    Rosie took the high road. Barbara finally got on that path and let the truth be known.

    This Trump dude, though........I think he has problems with women in general....and if he can't control them as petite little misses, he loses control of his own actions.

    Vanessa........YES, she has shown that you don't need to be some snitty, Miss AmeriTrump to make the grade! she needed to go into rehab.

    Give me a break.


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    I agree that Trump is acting like a spoiled child. Everything that Rosie said about Donald was the truth, such as his affairs. Donald just came back at Rosie with immature insults that were very unprofessional. As for Tara, I don't think she should have been crowned Miss America, what she did made the pageant itself look bad and gave young girls watching a very bad example to live up to. Trump's problem is that he is too full of himself. He really thinks the entire world revolves around him and anytime someone gives him the slightest bit of criticism, he loses it and like you said, turns into a "spoiled child." I do think that both of them should just aplogize to each other like responsible adults and move on. I think two kindergartener's could have handled the situation better than they did.

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    I don't watch alot of tv, and haven't seen either program. However Trumps character was forever set in my mind with his treatment of his first wife. Bad character is simply bad character.

    As much as I would like to be able to like Rosie, I just don't care for her humor. However as a person, I respect her openness and everything I have read about her parenting is above board.

    From what I can see about the Tara thing, its simply a reflection of the values and ethics I see in young people who's parents gave up any pretension of parenting. If you don't insist your daughter not embarrass herself or you by acting like a drunken whore, then you get what you get. I have no problem with the deep kisses with the g/f in a bar, but being drunk in public is crude and unladylike behavior. I don't think that's what she got her title or the scholarship money for. What should have happened is that instead of her making excuses and blaming others, she should have admitted she made a mistake and given her crown back on her own.

    Source(s): American Mom of 23yr old twin daughters.
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    it's so crazy. for a man who has the kind of money and power he has, he shows no class and acts like a juvenile calling names and harping on Rosie's weight. I'm sorry, has he looked in the mirror lately? He's no prize! if he had no money, he'd have no women. with that money could he not get a hair transplant or pluck or wax those nasty eyebrows?

    yeah, so? Rosie is overweight. big deal! I used to be nearly her size (I just got to goal in Weight Watchers). most women are NOT cover girl models! and, she's a comedian! yes, she's got a big mouth sometimes, but a lot of the time, she's saying things I wish I'd said out loud! I'm more on her side here.

    as for Tara, I think she should have lost her title, she wasn't living up to those standards they set for Miss America....but if you own the pageant, I guess you can do what you want, huh?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tara--It would be so cool to have an openly bi Miss USA, but the fact that she hit on Miss *Teen* USA, not to mention her substance usage problems, kinda invalidates it. Another bad bisexual role model...*sigh*. And the fact that Miss Nevada's title was taken from her for long-ago nude photos and photos where she kissed girls sucks, too.

    Donald--ASSHOLE and a half!!!! I completely agree with you. He did so wrong bringing Kelli into it, too.

    Rosie--Wish she'd move on. She made a mistake that people who aren't financial experts do, which is confusing personal and corporate bankruptcy. It was funny when she brought Kelli to work, claiming she was scared some man with a combover would take her away. Now it's just old and tired.

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    Rosie is big on Comedy.... that's what she does. People who are comedians will always say jokes and things about other people.

    Trump is just being stupid. So she said something about him... she says stuff about everyone!!

    That's just who she is.... Trump probably just doesn't understand how comedians work. If it bothered you, you could privately tell the person that and maybe they won't mention you anymore.

    I think just cause he has all that fame and money, he thinks he can do whatever he pleases. I have never liked him.... I'll side with Rosie anytime cause I understand comedians.

  • Manx
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    1 decade ago

    Miss America should have gotten her title stripped because is a role model to many young girls. Underage drinking and doing things like that is wrong.

    Donald Trump is being a bully because he can be. He knows that he can do whatever he ants and get away with it.

  • Although I don't care for Rosie that much and never would have seen the clip of her making fun of Trump if there wasn't such a big stink over it, I thought that she was kind of funny in her portrayal of Trump.

    I've never cared for Trump, and his behavior and name calling have only moved my opinion of him from the gutter to the sewer.

    I don't care for beauty pageants, but I know there is also some talent and civic activism involved and if it something that some women enjoy doing that's their business and not mine.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Donald Trump was manufacturing this fight in an effort to build interest in the new season of "The Apprentice". It seems to have blown up in his face as the ratings for the primere episode Sunday night were less than last season's premiere and ratings for "The View" are skyrocketing.

  • 1 decade ago

    This is what happens when MONEY & POWER fall into the WRONG hands. These people have wayyyy too much time on their hands, obviously, if they have any time to deal with this petty childishness. Its absolutely ridiculous. Trump should hand over his $$$ to ME and i'll show the world what can really be done with it.

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