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who does the voice of elmo?

i would really like to know.

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    Kevin Clash is the voice of elmo. The character is self-described as three and a half years old, and characteristically refers to himself in the third person. For example "Elmo has a question," or "Elmo doesn't understand."

    Sesame Street staff writer Nancy Sans once described Elmo's origins: "There was this extra red puppet lying around and the cast would pick him up sometimes and try to create a personality, but nothing seemed to materialize."[citation needed] The puppet was performed by Caroll Spinney in the early-1970s, Brian Muehl from 1979-1981, and the late Richard Hunt from 1981-1984. Sans continues that " day [in 1984], Kevin Clash, a talented puppeteer, raised him up and brought energy and life into Elmo and from that day forward we would all write for Elmo. Kevin's performance inspired the writers to develop Elmo's character. The lesson here is never think you're unimportant because you never know what is going to happen."[1] John Tartaglia, Matt Vogel and Jim Martin have all been secondary performers for the character, providing movement for Elmo's arms and legs, particularly in green-screen shots.

    A popular doll called the Tickle Me Elmo was manufactured in his likeness, and became the must-have toy during the Christmas season in 1996. Other Elmo toys include Hokey Pokey Elmo ("Hokey Cokey Elmo" in the United Kingdom), Limbo Elmo and Let's Pretend Elmo. Another version, Elmo Knows Your Name, comes with a CD that allows parents to program Elmo to say the child's name and other personalized phrases.

    After becoming a regular guest on The Rosie O'Donnell Show (June 28, 1996, December 24, 1997, February 16, 1998, November 5, 1998, November 5, 1998, January 28, 1999, September 21, 1999, December 6, 1999, January 4, 2001, September 21, 2001, February 6, 2002, May 2, 2002), Elmo began touring the talk-show circuit. He has appeared on Martha Stewart Living and Martha (September 13, 2005), The Tony Danza Show (October 11, 2004, April 11, 2005, November 10, 2005), Rove Live (March 20, 2001, September 24, 2002, 2004 and July 11 2006). Elmo and a developmental expert gave babysitting tips on the June 18, 2005 episode of Teen Kids News.

    Elmo was the star of the 1999 full-length, theatrically-released motion picture Elmo in Grouchland.

    Elmo also appeared in a fifth season episode of The West Wing. In the March 3, 2004 episode "Eppur Si Muove", Elmo receives a medical checkup from Abbey Bartlet, the First Lady, and cheekily questions her about the validity of her medical license.

    Elmo is the only Muppet ever to testify before the U.S. Congress. At the request and with the assistance of Rep. Duke Cunningham, he testified before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education in April 2002, urging support for increased funding in music education. [2]

    Emeril and Elmo's Healthy Start was a special featuring Elmo and Emeril Lagasse, that aired November 4, 2005 at 8 pm. Aired as part of the Food Network's second annual "Cook With Your Kids Week", the special was produced in conjunction with Sesame Workshop's Healthy Habits for Life program.

    Elmo in pop culture

    Just so you know, Carroll Spinney, who used to play elmo, is the beloved voice of Big Bird, and Oscar

    Source(s): Wiki and personal exp..I have kids!
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    Kevin Clash is the voice of Elmo.

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    Kevin Clash is the puppeteer and the voice too.

    F everyones I: Elmo rocks!

  • The voice of elmo is Kevin Clash. It is amazing how he is in his 40's and is still doing puppets. He does that for a living and I think it is kinda sad.

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    Kevin Clash

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    Kevin Clash

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    Ray McTheeny

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